From Singpass to Aadhaar, ConnectID to DigiYatra, the APAC is spearheading numerous identity initiatives to open opportunities to citizens, businesses, travellers with data security being aligned as a non-negotiable factor. Meet the experts behind their success, continuous innovation and technology purpose driven to bring citizens and users accessibility and opportunity equal to other regions.
Behind the SingPass digital identity and data vision in Singapore, Kendrick Lee, Director on National Digital Identity at GovTech Singapore, will be welcomed to speak a fresh programme for 2023 all about the future of security documents and innovations, having spoken last year on the importance of digital identity in Singapore’s financial services. Watch his keynote presentation in-person on the morning of Day 1, 7 November.
ID wallets
Daniel Goldscheider is Founder and Executive Director of the OpenWallet Foundation, a consortium of companies and non-profits collaborating to drive global adoption of open, secure and interoperable digital wallet solutions. Having recently secured a useful developer in Google, the Foundation is developing code for quality wallet and verifier applications while seeking to regulate the digital wallet market starting with one of the largest wallet providers onboard.
Daniel will speak in a panel on mobile ID wallets. Wallets hold a combination of digital credentials which prompts the question of whether financial services, government, and private enterprise can work more closely together to develop a sustainable and multi-platform wallet.
Passkeys over passwords
We can’t wait for a packed-out session on IAM protocols and standards which will discuss the importance of regulation supporting modern authentication such as passkeys over the traditional password. Joon Hyuk Lee, Market Development Director at APAC FIDO Alliance follows the trends of consumers with a recent report confirming that biometrics and passkeys are more popular authentication methods than dated passwords and pin codes. The FIDO Alliance is promoting government engagement for password-less systems and room to transition to evidence-based systems, biometrics and government-issued documents to prove who we are.
One Login 
The digital identity service built by the UK government called One Login has many good points which could be ‘copied’ or rolled out across other governments, changing how their citizens’ interact with public services.
Natalie Jones, spearheading the One Login digital identity at the Government Digital Service will share how easy onboarding experiences to access UK government services with issued digital credentials can be replicated for the APAC.