Celebrus Offers Identity Solutions at Identity Week America

Celebrus Offers Identity Solutions at Identity Week America

D4t4 Solutions CEO and industry veteran Bill Bruno will take the stage at Identity Week America in Washington, D.C. on October 5, 2022.  Bill will discuss how existing fraud technologies are limited in what information they can reveal, leaving organisations to just manage fraud instead of preventing it.  

“Fraud is becoming increasingly more sophisticated by the day – and your technology needs to evolve to keep up. It must be truly real-time and the data should be as comprehensive and complete as possible,” said Bill Bruno, CEO of D4t4 Solutions. “Ultimately, your technology must solve for digital identity in a meaningful way, or your evidence will not matter.” 

In addition to the big stage, Bill will lead a roundtable discussion on creating robust identity graphs with comprehensive behavioural biometrics.  Vice President of Marketing Tiffany Staples will be on the expo floor discussing how to build robust identity graphs with limited authenticated data. 

By visiting Celebrus at the conference you can learn how Celebrus Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Celebrus Fraud Data Platform (FDP) leverage advanced data capture and contextualisation capabilities to solve identity challenges relating to customer experience and fraud. Recent innovations from Celebrus to enhance its identity offerings will take center stage. Recent identity-related innovations from Celebrus such as Celebrus Cross-Domain Continuance, and mouse paths will take center stage.   

Research your meeting on October 4th & 5th at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, booth #209. 

Government stakeholders at ID Week Government

Government stakeholders at ID Week Government

The Government has a pivotal role in overseeing digital transformation and the provision of digital identity within the private and public sector, rising the functionality of healthcare, securing travel and finance for end-users, citizens and enterprises. Governments from all around the world are adopting and developing new solutions and technology to streamline certain operational processes such as verification to access government services.

Meet government officials at Identity Week America who will be addressing closing the gap between physical and digital identity, the capabilities of portable and agile ID technologies and creating a common set of standards around business and government ID.


ID Week America: Healthcare presentations

ID Week America: Healthcare presentations

The countdown to Identity Week America is on!

With hundreds of identity solutions on showcase, expert presentations and panel sessions and easy networking opportunities across the two days, the event is the place to be to assess one of the most primitive and advancing industries.

Here’s a snapshot of sessions around identity and IAM for the healthcare sector. From start-ups in their formative years of development to the biggest vendors and organisations, the conference programme supports all viewpoints in nurturing the next generation of talent in identity, in addition to facilitating more commercial and public sector use cases of digital and physical ID across banking, travel healthcare and lots more industries!

Discover the next unicorn Identity Week America has to offer or sit in on carefully planned sessions, presentations and roundtable discussions with other thought-leaders – all for free.

We’re delighted to welcome Linda Van Horn, who is President & Chief Executive Officer at iShare Medical, to deliver a keynote presentation on the present and future mission to secure access and sharing of medical data with digital identity verification. It’s a use study that continues to be tested with digital ID technologies to transform the way patients can openly access their personal medical records whilst tightly retaining confidentiality over the most sensitive personal information.

On Day 1, Ryan Howells, Principal at Leavitt Partners, will also give his insight into converging trust, privacy and convenience for patients to enable healthcare to adopt a centralised system of digital identity as many other industries have.

Ryan Howells

Unlike some sectors which have diverse ecosystems of product vendors and numerous applications, healthcare with predominantly two major divisions, the NHS or private healthcare, requires a federated digital identity system to protect millions of people’s personal medical data.

You can hear a panel discussion on “Digital identity federation in healthcare” at 11:30 on 4th October involving healthcare professionals across these domains who will discuss the challenge of creating one future-proof identity ecosystem in healthcare.

ID Week America: Transforming travel and physical identity sessions

ID Week America: Transforming travel and physical identity sessions

One of the most primitive industries, identity is also advancing with new technology to verify and authenticate, enhancing many other sectors.

Threats to our personal, national and global security have soared while consumer satisfaction is ever determining whether businesses succeed or fail in a modern world.

At its core, Identity Week America is a multi-dimensional event that creates and manifests new applications of physical and digital identity across four main sectors that are advancing at a rapid rate.

One of the key sectors that the event targets and allies with in promoting new identity solutions and strategies is the Travel and Aviation industry.

We have amassed an incredible line-up of top representatives from the travel industry, Government counter-terrorism bodies and national independent organisations.

They include: Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection, the Transportation Security Administration and Richard Clarke, Former National Coordinator for U.S. Counter-terrorism, all of whom will make their pledges to the future of identity at the number #1 meeting place of the year – Identity Week America!

Attend our FREE Expo to mingle with these individuals and thousands more!

Through sessions, keynote presentations, roundtables and fundamental networking, the event will dissect how advanced facial recognition and digital ID testing is across all industry case studies.

Our inspiring sessions will discover what most excites speakers about biometrics for the aviation and travel industry and how we can successfully transform travel with digital identity, adopting approaches to innovation for security effectiveness and the passenger experience.

Day 1 Keynote, 9:00: Hear from newly confirmed TSA Administrator David Pekoske how innovative identity management solutions can improve security and enhance the passenger experience.


David Pekoske, Administrator, Transportation Security Administration 

In Track 2 on 4th October, Tony Poole, President of the Document Security Alliance will discuss the problem of counterfeiting with security documents.

Tony Poole, President, Document Security Alliance

In addition, Identity Week America will seek answers to the following questions surrounding interoperability and higher demands for security and convenience throughout the passenger journey.

How important is a collaborative and integrated approach when it comes to implementing and updating new technologies like biometrics to secure passenger journeys?

How have the demands of passengers changed since the pandemic and how do you see them changing in the next few years? How are you meeting expectations?

Register today to hear expertly curated sessions for the travel sector and public sector, and discover more sector-driven topics that will be discussed from 4-5 October in Washington D.C. https://secure.terrapinn.com/V5/step1.aspx?E=10580

Keynote presentations at ID Week America

Keynote presentations at ID Week America

Identity Week America 2022 is shaping up to be an unmissable event – at its core promising to deliver a buzzing atmosphere and genuine mix of suppliers, organisations, enterprises and public authorities to meet.

We have a hotbed of brilliant experts in biometrics, digital and physical identity that are preparing to head to Washington D.C. for the 8th edition of the conference – but who will be taking to the main stages?

We start as we mean to follow with an introduction and opening remarks from John Mears, the Chairman of IBIA, a leading voice in the biometrics and digital identity technology space that alone incorporates many of the key identity companies presenting their solutions in the Expo. The Association represents a spectrum of key industry providers across every digital ID application and biometric modality.

The keynote presentations taking place from 9-10:30 on Day 1 and 2 provide a snapshot of the quality, in-depth presentations that will follow throughout the conference and be divided into the specific challenges and successes facing large-scale projects and sectors.

4th October    9:00

Keynote Theatre: Innovating identity management solutions to improve security effectiveness and the passenger experience

David Pekoske, Administrator, at Transportation Security Administration will be giving his viewpoint on how innovative identity management solutions can improve security and enhance the passenger experience.


Followed by returning keynote speaker, Kenneth Gantt, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, who will be reflecting on the ever-changing demands on the identity ecosystem which continues to expand to encompass providers of digital ID, biometric technologies and identity documents. What is needed to unify the ecosystem and adapt to changes?

Register to attend: “Bringing together a comprehensive ecosystem in an identity multiverse”.


Digital identity and trust in healthcare: Present and future

We are delighted to welcome Linda Van Horn, President and CEO of iShare Medica to update the wider identity community on how digital identity is changing how medical data is securely accessed by patients and medical professionals.


Mind the trust gap

The presentation will be delivered by our Title Sponsor NEC National Security Systems. While addressing the rate by which digital ID technologies have accelerated, this keynote will highlight the imbalance with physical identity, forming a “physical gap”, and assess the convenience needs of users and frameworks for building foundational trust in identity solutions.

Kathleen L. Kiernan

IDW America 2022: See the agenda now!

IDW America 2022: See the agenda now!

Identity Week America is a dynamic identity event for the USA which continues to expand to accommodate an influx of industry solutions and unite a cross-section of the stakeholder community.

Kick-start new partnerships, projects and find your next business partner in Washington D.C. on 4 & 5 October.

Entering its 8th year, the conference has proven to understand an ever-evolving marketplace in identity and advance successful applications across digital identity, biometric and physical security domains.

Speakers and experts from across these domains are registering at a rapid pace to secure their place at this unmissable event of the year.

They include important organisations such as The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), U.S. Department of Homeland Security, iShare Medical, NEC National Security Systems and so many more.

Now is the time to discover inspiring presentations and plan your own networking experience, with 1500+ stakeholders promised to be in one place in Washington at the same time!

With two weeks to go, we are delighted to announce this year’s stellar programme for our stakeholder community, packed full of thought-provoking and interactive sessions, inspiring keynote presentations and roundtables.

EXPLORE THE CONFERENCE AGENDA HERE: https://www.terrapinn.com/exhibition/identity-week-america/agenda.stm

In an industry where digital is accelerating at an extraordinary pace, sessions will relate to how the industry can bridge the gaps between digital and physical identity, facilitating the growing use of online identity verification while securing identity documents.

We will also explore the convergence of trust, privacy and convenience as values that are at the forefront of identity experiences for end-users and enterprises.

Identity Week America is a multi-faceted event, co-located with an exhibition for convenient networking and a Start-Up zone where hundreds of start-ups will exhibit their new solutions.

Book your ticket at our special discount rate to confirm your seat in these final weeks.

IDW America: Levelling-up the identity ecosystem

IDW America: Levelling-up the identity ecosystem

Identity Week America, a complementary sister event to Identity Week Asia and Europe, will return to Washington D.C. from 4-5 October, bringing together an abundance of government representatives, enterprises and partners.

It is really shaping up to be a multi-disciplined event, looking at tech change driving secure and seamless identity experiences for the end-user and enterprise across the fastest-moving sectors in identity, such as travel, finance and banking, media, healthcare, government and the public sector. 

This major stakeholders’ event for the U.S. identity industry is a perfect opportunity to meet face to face with 1500+ of the biggest disruptors in identity.

Our fantastic exhibition is already fully booked up with hundreds of innovative and new identity solutions that will be accelerated to market thanks to the collaborative environment that Identity Week America fosters.  

The conference encompasses our Start-Up Village which serves as a critical meeting place for identity tech start-ups at an early stage of funding to meet potential investors and partners and showcase their solutions.

This time around Identity Week will be levelling up the identity ecosystem across the U.S. and assessing the latest developments to achieving a digital economy with electronic ID, as well as enhancing physical security documents. Forge new digital identity contracts;  launch integratable solutions to meet market demand. Born out of the demand for interoperability, integration, data-sharing, practise a new way of thinking to launch your product and compete with the visionaries that already operate in the market.

New personal and public security problems are surfacing all of time – book your ticket to Identity Week America this October to understand the developing threats facing America, such as fraud, identity theft and national security, and which solutions are needed to counter adversity.

The 2-day international IDW conference is a premium feature in the calendar for serious innovators, disruptors, and visionaries of Identity driven to increase the number of use cases and scenarios where secure identity is leveraged.

Highlights of Day 1 at Identity Week Asia 2022

Highlights of Day 1 at Identity Week Asia 2022

As Identity Week Asia draws to a close, here is a roundup of highlights from this year’s fantastic keynote presentations, busy seminars, packed roundtable discussions and bustling expo floor.

An insightful presentation was delivered on Day 1 by Jonathan Andresen, Senior Director of Marketing at Incode at #IdentityWeekAsia on Powering A World of Trust – The Incode Way with Pranav C. Fernanda Sottil, Eryin Halmen, and  Kristen Tsitoukis of Incode Technologies.

Our exhibition floor was compact with a true cross-section of the identity industry’s established solution providers including Premier Fintech LLC who are delighted to join Identity Week Asia, designed for Fintech professionals as well as targeting top identity sectors such as travel, healthcare and government. BioRugged and Cybernetica are also participating in the Identity Week Asia Expo; be sure to visit ID R&D too  at their booth #28.

John Amein, at ID R&D also spoke in a session on Liveness Detection which covered the differences between passive and active liveness detection solutions and the impact of abandonment rates on the bottom line.

Among key identity thought leaders were a cohort from U.S. Department of Homeland Security, including Carolyn Bayer-Broring.

Identity Week Asia provides a critical meeting place for titans of the identity industry bringing innovative new solutions to the marketplace. Moreover, a valuable part of the conference is also striving to ensure the future of identity security is entrusted to new talented startups which exhibit for FREE in our Start-Up Village to elevate their business prospects.

Be a part of 2023’s ecosystem of identity APAC leaders and meet new companies rising through the ranks and securing partnerships and investment to deliver their identity solutions across a number of applications including travel, finance and banking, healthcare and government. We also welcomed to our Start-Up Village the likes of IDENTY Touchless ID, HALA INFOSEC Premier Fintech LLC, Syntric AI, Build38, H-Kare Solutions, 1ID Silence Laboratories, betterdata, Argos KYC, and MineSecMicroSecINPULSE, inc.

Day 2 was packed with more energising presentations, stellar exhibitors to meet and chances for opportunistic networking with other stakeholders.

We heard from GovTech Singapore, IATA, Google, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Royal Thai Police, Netbank, Union Bank of Philippines, Vietnam Government – just to name a few!

Identity Week Asia is a thought-leadership conference and exhibition infusing expertise and experience from the brightest minds in the identity sector to promote innovation, new thinking, and more effective identity solutions.

Pindrop’s Tim Prugar sat on an expert panel, discussing the “Future of identity and authentication in the financial services”. Pindrop also delivered another seminar presentation on the Abilities of AI in voice, and how authentication can be achieved with language agnostic technology and a roundtable session on “Is voice the path to a passwordless future?”

Deloitte speakers Eric Lee, Gautam Kapoor and Iray Harel discussed the digital transformation of identity, future of identity and Privileged Access Management (PAM).

Identity Week Asia Packed Conference Arrives in Singapore

Identity Week Asia Packed Conference Arrives in Singapore

The wait is nearly over to meet your perfect-match business partner or investor at Identity Week Asia 2022. The conference, running from Tuesday to Wednesday, will pack in sessions targeting the most advanced sectors in identity, plus hold an impressive exhibition with completely free access to the public.

Delivering insight, discussion and debate in a range of formats, industry stakeholders from digital identity, biometrics or document security fields can expect genuine partnerships to be forged, plenty of knowledge-sharing and collaboration to advance the security, simplicity and reliability of all digital or physical interactions.

Make a note of the key timings across this unmissable 2-day conference.

On Day 1 & 2, doors will open at 09:00 – 17:00.

This year’s agenda is notably inspired by a broad range of important identity topics that address the issue of the bridge between physical and digital identity, regulation, user trust, user demand for convenience, AI advances and data management requirements. Meet hundreds of companies and organisations aligned with your goals; listen to keynote presentations, participate in a lively roundtable discussion, or just walk the exhibition floor to learn from peers how we secure identity documents and digital assets and authenticate users by optical machine.

The key aspects of the conference will be to determine how the rising trend in digital identity verification can continue to grow to enable all  personal, public and global security threats can be countered by identity recognition.

Get your FREE expo pass here: https://secure.terrapinn.com/V5/step2.aspx?Q=2437332PXVW&TMID=2555802

The public sector attends for free!

Identity Week Asia: Driving startup solutions to market

Identity Week Asia: Driving startup solutions to market

In addition to an extensive exhibition jam-packed with established identity solutions, Identity Week Asia also encompasses our Start-Up Village which serves as an important meeting place for identity start-ups at an early stage of their funding to meet potential investors and partners and forge new business deals.

Nurturing the next generation of identity talent and technologies is at the centre focus of our conferences spanning Asia, European and American markets.

Our Start-Up Village at Identity Week Asia 2022 includes:

Silence Laboratories provided authentication library with focus on decentralised infrastructure support while ensuring a perfect balance between usability and security. We are solving some of the dominant problems in multi-factor auth and signature schemes through propriety fusion of signal processing and multi-party computation cryptographic primitives.

Hala Infosec

Comprehensive, end-to-end and complete suite of IT & OT security services fuelled by integrated and customised solutions to enable maximum protection for enterprises’ entire IT architecture including on-premise, cloud and hybrid IT environments with detailed threat insights that will help enterprises to make informed decisions.


MicroSec aspires to help organisations operate safely and securely in an increasingly connected world by starting at the Edge.

MicroSec empowers organisations to take control over its environment through our unique approach of Security by Design at the Edge for IoT, IIoT and OT devices and networks, from proactively preventing attacks from the inside-out, stopping zero-day attacks on devices, preventing device and network intrusions, creating chains of trust between devices, and reducing your operational risks and costs starting from the device to the cloud.

MineSec helps their customers to drive innovations in secure and seamless contactless payment solution globally.

The white-label SoftPOS solution from MineSec provides ease of integration and customisation for various business needs, allowing customers to scale confidently and competitively to meet every market’s unique needs.


EarthID is an award-winning Decentralized Identity Management platform that allows secure and frictionless exchange and verification of identity information.

EarthID helps organisations reduce identity frauds, and save time and costs associated with customer onboarding processes, while ensuring privacy and regulatory compliance. Powered by third-generation DLT, Artificial Intelligence and latest biometric security, EarthID provides a Universal ID Solution that is resistant to cyberattacks and compliant with global Data Regulations like GDPR and PDPB.

Syntric AI

Syntric AI helps biometrics companies fix their biggest challenge: data collection & labelling. Unlock Synthetic Data to lower your data collection time from weeks to hours, cover all edge cases and eradicate bias.

Premier FinTech LLC

Premier Fintech LLC is licensed by Qatar Financial Centre for Financial Technology Service and IT Consultancy Activities to provide the latest technologies to the market.

Premier is an innovative business and global supplier of Fintech & IT solutions with an exclusivity contract with top brands in the industry.


1ID is accelerator funded Travel Tech startup specialised in touchless immigration and security clearance solutions that use Blockchain technology to provide digital passports for travelelrs and real-time Arrival and Departure Control Dashboards for airports. 1ID creates digital identities for travellers through its Digital Passport platform and issues a unique virtual identification number using facial verification that is stored on blockchain.

Follow the link to register for FREE access to the exhibition and Start-Up Village at Identity Week Asia 2022: https://secure.terrapinn.com/V5/step1.aspx?E=10627&p=1

All you need to know about Identity Week Asia 2022

All you need to know about Identity Week Asia 2022

Identity Week Asia
Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore
September 6-7, 2022

Identity Week Asia is a conference and exhibition bringing together the brightest minds in the identity sector to promote innovation, new thinking, and more effective identity solutions.

The Asia Pacific is the fastest growing global region for the identity market, proving itself to be one of the world’s major identity hubs driving innovation and development.

Identity Week Asia provides a platform where global experts, industry leaders and businesses come together to share insights, ideas and technology to tackle the significant challenges facing the identity ecosystem. Driven by the continued global pandemic and by the number of developing economies in this region, Asia Pacific has seen a huge demand in digital identity solutions and security to curtail digital fraud and cyberattacks.

The Asia Pacific digital identity solutions market will grow by 21% annually with a total addressable market cap of $148.74 billion over 2020-2030. The cybersecurity market was valued at USD 30.45 billion in 2019 and is expected to register a CAGR of 18.3% between 2021 – 2026.

Held over two jam-packed days, hear from more than 100 world-renowned industry experts as they discuss market developments and threats, cutting-edge technologies and their convergence.

Tickets are valid for both full days of the conference in addition to free access to the exhibition floor. Book here: https://secure.terrapinn.com/V5/step1.aspx?E=10627&p=1

For more information on participating and booking tickets, visit the website: https://www.terrapinn.com/exhibition/identity-week-asia/index.stm

New Report Reveals Fraud Management Is Vital to the Business Strategy of Most Organisations

New Report Reveals Fraud Management Is Vital to the Business Strategy of Most Organisations

For the vast majority of organisations (92%), fraud management is either extremely important or somewhat important to their overall business strategy, according to a new study conducted by Gatepoint Research and sponsored by leading digital identity firm Telesign.

The report, which explores the fraud management strategies of business executives and decision makers across corporate America, also found that a majority of respondents (53%) admit their organisation has gaps in their ability to mitigate fraud, rating themselves as somewhat to very ineffective.

“Fraud management is vitally important because it increases confidence in your organisation,” said Joe Burton, CEO of Telesign. “With so much of our daily lives conducted online, fraud prevention is now a critical component for business success. People trust the platforms they use to be safe, and they blame the brand if that trust is violated.”

Fraud continues to plague organisations

When asked what fraud schemes or tactics were of top concern to their business this year, 50% of respondents cited account takeover, followed by phishing at 45%, new account fraud at 38%, and fake users at 21%.

The report also found that the battle against fraud is unrelenting. Nearly two-thirds of respondents (65%) revealed that the number of fraud attempts at their organisations either stayed the same or increased by 25% or more over the last year.

Surprisingly, even in the face of security gaps and rising fraud attempts, a high number of those surveyed (43%) have not added to their fraud prevention budget, while just 29% of respondents increased their fraud prevention budget this year.

Challenges remain when fighting fraud

Fraud is now costing businesses and individuals across the world more than $5 trillion annually. Bad actors are getting more and more sophisticated, so putting in measures to stop fraudsters and mitigate attacks is crucial.

When it comes to fighting fraud and fraud prevention, multi-factor authentication has had the most significant impact by far, with 73% of respondents citing it as their top preventive technology. Also effective, say 52%, are AI and machine learning technologies, followed by digital identity verification at 40%.

Organisations feel as though they are fighting an uphill battle when minimising fraud. Over 60% of the respondents cited lack of customer awareness as their biggest challenge against fraud. This was followed by quickly evolving fraud tactics at 56% and the fact that fraudsters have greater access to customer information on the internet, cited by 40% of respondents.

For more information, download the complete report here or learn more in this newly published whitepaper by Telesign.

Source: TeleSign

Telesign is a Gold Sponsor supporter at Identity Week Asia, coming to the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore this 6-7 September.

Register now for your free exhibition pass: https://secure.terrapinn.com/V5/step1.aspx?E=10627&p=1

Identity Week Europe 2022 Highlights

Identity Week Europe 2022 Highlights

Insight. Cutting-edge Tech. Global Trends.

Identity Week Europe is BACK! Europe’s No.1 conference and exhibition dedicated to all things identity is returning in 2023, but for the first time ever in Amsterdam.Save the date for our biggest and best edition to date from 13-14 June 2023 at the iconic RAI, Amsterdam.The unmissable event of the year; join over 5,000+ identity disruptors, innovators, policy-makers and big-thinkers across finance, government, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, travel, social media and beyond.

  • 250+ speakers
  • Iconic keynote speeches
  • 6 conference stages
  • Presentations from world-leading brands
  • Enlightening panel discussions with identity experts
  • Dynamic roundtable discussions
  • Exhibition showcase with 250+ brands
  • Peer to peer networking
  • Start-up village
  • Start-up pitches
  • Networking events
  • Access to the show app

See all our highlights round-up of this year’s show back in June.

The Disruptors: Identity Trends Report

The Disruptors: Identity Trends Report

From biometrics and decentralised identity, to identity management, enhanced data and digital ID, Identity Week Europe encapsulated the hottest trends and discussion areas in identity.

But don’t just take our word for it. Compiled in this report are numerous testimonials from speakers and supporters at Identity Week Europe 2022 who shared their predictions for the future of identity domains, as technology advances and enterprise and consumer demands increase.

Across the international marketplace, identity and financial security is among one of most valued reasons for technology advances, enabling citizens to have the ultimate freedom and protection over their personal information. While the west of the world takes strides in securely managing data, developing markets are also looking to change the trajectory of citizen’s lives and boost their economies through digital transformation.

Identity Week Europe 2022 Testimonials

“It’s so hard to pin down what the key trends in the identity industry are currently because there’s so many of them!” – Duncan McIntosh, Product Owner, CIAM, NatWest Group. 

“Data’s always been important and it continues to get more important”, says Andy Preston, Head of Compliance Delivery at Entain. 

“We’re going in a direction of more decentralisation – it’s good for the privacy perspective – It’s also good from a security perspective” – Uko Sarekanno, Deputy Executive Director for Information Management and Processes ,Frontex, European Border and Coast Guard Agency. 

“The future of identity management will rely on a multitude of new biometric modalities that will join the already existing modalities” – Guido Brockmann, Head of Product Management Sector, Eu-Lisa

“In the next 18 months, we will see more and more the digitalisation of documents and, of course, we have the coexistence of physical documents and electronic documents” – Matthias Köhler, Vice President, Mühlbauer

Download the report here: https://www.terrapinn.com/template/live/go/10678/22121

Join our complementary sister event to Identity Week Europe, for the APAC region, which is carefully curated to reflect to happening trends in this identity market.

The Asia Pacific is the fastest growing global region for the identity market, proving itself to be one of the world’s major identity hubs driving innovation and development.

The Asia Pacific digital identity solutions market is anticipated to grow by 21% annually with a total addressable market cap of $148.74 billion over 2020-2030.

For more information on participating and booking tickets, visit the website: https://secure.terrapinn.com/V5/step1.aspx?E=10627&p=1

Tickets are valid for 2 full days of the conference in addition to free general access to the exhibition floor. Government representatives attend FREE.

Identity Week Asia 2022: Who is speaking?

Identity Week Asia 2022: Who is speaking?

What is the value of attending Identity Week Asia?

Identity Week Asia offers unparalleled networking opportunities with 1500+ identity experts to meet and exchange idea with from across the APAC region – specialising biometrics, digital ID, IAM, data quality, threat detection and lots more!

Hear insights, trend reports and announcements from your peers around the surge of digital ID and biometric solutions across the marketplace, plus key talks to develop physical document security.

Who will be speaking? 

Nat Sakimura, Chairman, OpenID Foundation

Nat Sakimura will be speaking in a Day 1 panel session to give his insight on the future of identity and authentication in the financial services and accessing the key prioritises among members companies for robust verification and efficient digital onboarding processes. The OpenID Foundation nurtures and promotes the interests of the open ID community as a non-profit association in providing the useful infrastructure to foster innovation. 

Alan Lim, Head, FinTech Infrastructure Office, Monetary Authority of Singapore 

Alan is the head of the FinTech Infrastructure Office at the Monetary Authority of Singapore and is responsible for developing Singapore’s digital financial infrastructure. He leads the establishment of platforms for open finance and cross border financial connectivity.

Gus Poston, CEO, Netbank 

Netbank is a Banking as a Service Platform in the Philippines accelerating Fintech growth and providing white-labelled accounts, loans, payments, cards to fintech and NBFCs.

Discover all speakers at https://www.terrapinn.com/exhibition/identity-week-asia/agenda.stm.

IDW America: Fostering collaboration across the ID ecosystem

IDW America: Fostering collaboration across the ID ecosystem

Identity Week America 2022 returns as THE forum to answer enterprise, government and end-user demands to accelerate digital ID, biometric and physical credential solutions to transform fast-evolving sectors including finance and banking, travel, healthcare and government.

Join the event on 4-5 October at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC. Tickets are still available: https://secure.terrapinn.com/V5/step1.aspx?E=10580.

The latest figures demonstrate the rate to which decentralised, digital identity and IAM is growing and contending with higher expectations of end-users following the period of digital transformation that has proceeded in the last 2 years.

In the forecast for 2021 to 2028, the identity verification and authentication market in Northern America is expected to grow accelerate with a CAGR of 17.3% and should reach USD 26,336.64 million by the end of 2028.

With the provision of new technologies, emerging talent in the industry and greater consumer expectations, Identity Week America continually evolves as a networking platform to reflect the current and future U.S. marketplace, providing insights for other regional markets to follow trends. The balancing act of ensuring security whilst enhancing the user experience is always an extremely important stakeholder issue which takes on new relevance year on year.

Identity Week America looks to expand the ecosystem and collaborate with new and existing stakeholders in changing technology and use-case parameters. Find out below which major identity sectors, organisations, enterprises, solution providers, government entities and startups are involved in Identity Week America 2022 and defining a new ID ecosystem.

Speakers on the agenda

We’re thrilled to welcome identity power-house, Kenneth Gantt, Deputy Director, Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM), at the Department of Homeland Security to the conference line-up, 4-5 October in Washington DC.

Kenneth D. Gantt is the Deputy Director of the Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM) for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). OBIM is the lead entity in DHS for biometric identity management services across Government. Mr. Gantt’s responsibilities include working with OBIM’s customers, stakeholders and DHS mission partners to expand the program’s services to ensure a safe, secure, and resilient homeland. Kenneth will be discussing biometric identity management for a connected world.

Speakers already confirmed this year for the Conference:

Risa Arai, Programme Specialist (Legal Identity), UNDP; Joni Brennan, President, Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC); Kay Chopard, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative, Inc; Jeremy Grant, President, Venable LLP; Ryan Howells, Principal, Leavitt Partners; Mike McCamon, Executive Director, NFC Forum; Kathleen L. Kiernan, President, NEC National Security Systems; Mike McCaskill, Director Identity Management, AAMVA; Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist, Open Identity Exchange


BioSig-ID is the World’s only software biometric password for  ID authentication.   NO hardware or software downloads. The biometric “writing” patterns of the user are captured and compared to the unique password that the user created, using just a finger or mouse.  Prevents impostors from accessing your device or asset, keeps data and records safe.

Integrated Biometrics, LLC designs and manufactures FBI-certified fingerprint sensors for law enforcement, military operations, homeland security, national identity, election validation, social services, and a wide range of commercial applications. The company’s patented light emitting sensor technology enables lightweight scanners that outperform traditional prism-based devices in size, power consumption, portability, and reliability.

Regula Baltija Ltd. provides clients with solutions to verify the authenticity of security papers, ID’s, passports, and banknotes, as well as a number of proprietary tickets (such as lottery tickets) and official documents.


EarthId is an award-winning Decentralized Identity Management platform that allows secure and frictionless exchange and verification of identity information.

Hummingbirds AI specialises in autonomous, touchless and passwordless zero trust authentication, boosting employees productivity and securing their access to the company’s data and devices.

Identity Week Asia 2022: Agenda Released

Identity Week Asia 2022: Agenda Released

Identity Week Asia 2022 will be the unmissable identity event of the year! Taking place in one of the fastest growing markets, over 2 days discover what the future holds for Identity. 

We’re beyond excited to share a first-look at the Conference Agenda incorporating 100 world-renowned industry experts across more than 40 sessions, covering biometrics, mobile ID, verification and authentication, identity access management, document fraud, physical credentials and digital onboarding.

Identity Week Asia 2022 kicks off 6 September 2022 for two ground-breaking days of insights, inspiration and new ideas around identity evolution across the APAC region. 

Identity professionals from across finance, government, healthcare, travel, social media and many more sectors will come together to learn, be inspired and generate exciting business opportunities.

As an increasing number of people rely on digital and mobile domains to interact with the world around them, the need for robust online identity systems has never been greater and demand from enterprise, government and consumers just keeps rising!

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Secure your seat at APAC’s #1 identity conference now and join over 1,500 of your fellow identity visionaries.

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Identity Week Asia 2022: Transforming the APAC identity marketplace

Identity Week Asia 2022: Transforming the APAC identity marketplace

Identity Week Asia, the leading identity and trust event for the APAC region, will be returning to the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore to bring together government, enterprise, and partners on 6-7 September.

Launched in 2019, the event is focused around strengthening stakeholder relations within the Asian identity market to spark innovation and faster adoption of technologies in public services, government, travel, healthcare, and banking.

Identity Week Asia also encompasses our Start-Up Village which serves as an important meeting place for identity tech start-ups at an early stage of their funding to meet potential investors and partners.

The event integrates start-ups into the identity ecosystem and therefore is ever changing the structure of main stakeholders in identity.

The forum places the emphasis of the industry coming together on nurturing the next generation of talent to bring digital ID and biometric technologies to the forefront. It also caters for experienced vendors and organisations that are closer to the user interface and understand the emerging trends for enhanced user experiences and self-sovereign identification.

A stage will be set for 20+ promising start-ups engineering the future, connecting them with Asia’s most influential companies, investors, and media.

The fantastic speaker line-up includes, Open Identity Exchange, IATA, Google, Monetary Authority of Singapore, ShuttleOne, Emerging Payments Association Asia, Prudential Corporation Asia, Royal Thai Police, Netbank, Union Bank of Philippines, GovTech Singapore, Vietnam Government.

The packed conference schedule will cover topical discussions around ID for citizens, seamless travel, secure banking, decentralised ID and blockchain, verifiable credentials, biometrics, effortless onboarding, IAM, secure ID documents, interoperability, quality data collection and lots more!

“We look forward to welcoming back our industry colleagues and friends as we look once more to the future and all the promise and excitement that new technologies and solutions will bring” – Janine Bill, Managing Director, Identity Week.

For further information, including our latest speaker announcements, please visit: https://www.terrapinn.com/exhibition/identity-week-asia

To secure your press pass, please visit: https://secure.terrapinn.com/V5/step1.aspx?E=10627&p=1

6 FAQs about Identity Week Asia | 6 – 7 September, Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore

6 FAQs about Identity Week Asia | 6 – 7 September, Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore

Still hesitant to book your ticket for Identity Week Asia?

For new and returning stakeholders, the number and diversity of industry topics circulating social media and company pages can be a minefield. Our sessions, designed for all regional Asia stakeholders, are integrated into one event under the same roof with easy to navigate signage systems for a seamless experience – and that’s before we consider the solutions!

We aim to deliver a variety of specific and whole-industry sessions for relevant stakeholders across the industry.

With just over a month to go until we welcome APAC identity community in Singapore, we want to provide transparency in relation to floor-plan logistics, speakers you are guaranteed to meet and hear onsite and a carefully curated arrangement of exhibitors, all of which make for a superior experience at Identity Week Asia.

From 6 – 7 September at the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore, discover ground-breaking solutions that you will be open to invest in to harness innovations in identity. Meet with perfect-match partners to work with you on enhancing digital onboarding experiences, seamless and secure verification, optimising the user experience and fighting document fraud.

Join thousands of identity big-thinkers, innovators and disruptors from across the Asia Pacific region this September and find out what the future holds for our incredible fast-paced industry.

Identity Week Asia 2022 has it all – aimed at relevant members of the community while security document credentials continue to co-exist with digital transformation and ID.

1. FAQ: Can you summarise all the topics/sessions on this year’s program which are included in my delegate pass?   

National Identity Initiatives | ID in Financial Services | Document Security Innovations | Identity and Access Management | Digital Onboarding | ID in Payments and eCommerce | Digital ID and Biometrics in Travel | Contactless Biometrics | ID for Citizens | Fighting Document Fraud | Decentralised ID and Blockchain | Security Document Manufacture

2. FAQ: When are the keynote presentations on Day 1 and 2?


3. FAQ: Who can I hear talking about physical security documents, as well as digital ID?

Johnson Kengalu Oge, Chief Immigration Officer, Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration

Yimmy Korn-usa, Forensic Scientist and DeputySuperintendent, Royal Thai Police

4. FAQ: Is there fair representation from the public sector and academia?

Ott Sarv, Principal Advisor, Digital ID, Independant

Adam Chee, National University of Singapore, Chief, Smart Health Leadership Centre

Hannah Lim Yee Fen, Professor, Nanyang Technological University

Dilnesaw Israel, Senior Legal and Policy Advisor ,Prime Ministers Office, National ID Program – Ethiopia

5. FAQ: Digital Identity is the future! 

Of course. An unforgettable aspect of the conference.

We have sessions spanning roundtables, panel sessions, keynote addresses and presentations that cater for Identity and Access Management (IAM), Digital Onboarding, Decentralised ID and Blockchain, Digital Verification and Authentication, Digital ID and Biometrics in Travel, ID in Payments and E-Commerce, ID for Citizens, Contactless Biometrics.

6. FAQ: I work in Finance and Banking..

Here’s a snapshot of Banking industry experts who will be involved in panel sessions:

Nat Sakimura, Chairman, OpenID Foundation

Sugandhi Govil, VP, AML Compliance, Genesis

Gus Poston, CEO, Netbank

Jaebeom Kim, Digital ID, Telecommunications andTechnology Association (TTA)

Tickets and FREE Exhibition Passes are available at: https://secure.terrapinn.com/V5/step1.aspx?E=10627&p=1. Government attend free.

First keynote speaker announced for Identity Week America

First keynote speaker announced for Identity Week America

Diane Sabatino of The U.S. Customs and Border Protection has today been announced as the first keynote speaker at Identity Week America taking place in October, following her address at the London event last week.

Opening Day 1 of Identity Week Europe, Diane spoke about beginning to fulfil the “touchless experience” mandate set out in 2002 to introduce a biometric traveller verification service across ports of entry in the U.S.

The new border control system is a cloud-based facial biometric matching service which compares a live photo of the traveller to datasets of photographs collected from previous encounters or advanced on-boarding. Holdings are populated with advanced information from the traveller prior to or on arrival at airports.

To date, Diane quoted that 179 million travellers have been processed through U.S. airports using this biometric facial technology, allowing U.S. Customs and Border Protection to stop 153,000 overstayers and identify 15,000 imposters that present a security risk to international travel passing through the U.S.

Implemented across all border points, the biometric traveller verification service is demonstrating headway in how U.S. border protection agencies tackle illegitimate travel across the United States. The upcoming event in October promises to elaborate on further border security measures being enacted by The U.S. Border Control and Protection when regional stakeholders meet in Washington D.C.

Identity Week America returns from 4-5 October 2022, with the mission to accelerate the move towards a safe and secure world where trusted identity solutions enable governments, border agencies and commercial organisations to authenticate genuine human identities in real-time.

Join the rest of the U.S. identity ecosystem by following the link to register here: https://secure.terrapinn.com/V5/step1.aspx?E=10580