Latest speakers from the finance sector at #IdentityWeekAsia 2023!

Latest speakers from the finance sector at #IdentityWeekAsia 2023!

We’re delighted to announce the latest professionals from the financial industry joining the stage at Identity Week Asia 2023.

  • Vikrant Rana, SVP and Sales Lead, Global Payments, HSBC
  • Andrew Black, Managing Director, Australian Payments Plus
  • Linden Dawson, Customer Digital Identity Product Lead, National Australia Bank
  • Dipu KV, President of Head Operations and Customer Service, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Ltd 
  • Sourabh Chitrachar, Regional Vice President/ Director- Asia Technology Strategy & Operations, Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Igor Janicijevic, Principal Engineer, Digital Access Foundation, National Australia Bank

Hear from industry luminaries about protecting customer identity, to preventing fraud, safeguarding workforce identity and access management security architecture.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and perspectives that will drive success in the fast-paced world of identity and finance in APAC.

#IdentityWeekAmerica 🚨speaker alerts – decentralised identity, secure credentials and more!

#IdentityWeekAmerica 🚨speaker alerts – decentralised identity, secure credentials and more!

The whirlwind of Identity Week America 2023 will be kicking off in two weeks with all government and industry players in attendance across two packed days discussing the intersection between policies and technology innovations in identity management.

The event is a non-negotiable date in the calendar for anyone that works for a solution provider or organisation with strict objectives to increase the amount of identity technologies deployed across useful applications – such as in travel, financial services, public sector, and healthcare.

Over 3,000+ attendees have secured their ticket to fulfil two main priorities – to indulge in quality networking experiences and hear updates from the broader identity industry.

Our stellar speaker line-up alone shows the potential for future-defining partnerships to be established on the conference floor between top performing, accredited solution providers and global organisations upholding standards for identity and access management, security and compliance.

We will be matching executives from finance institutions and travel organisations, healthcare bodies and government to improve transparency, collaboration and convergence between individual identity endeavours.

Have you booked your ticket to watch these new sessions?


Foundations of Digital Identity

Vyjayanti Desai, Program Manager, Identification And Development, The World Bank

The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides funding and loans to governments for the purpose of pursuing capital projects, creating thriving economies, and enabling digital transformation.

This session will cover:

  • Foundations of digital identity
  • A key enabler of value creation for individuals and institutions
  • Digital inclusion, just and equitable access for all
  • What constitutes a good ID?


Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio, CIO, UN Joint Staff Pension Fund

Decentralised identity, encompassing user data ownership, privacy, consent to data, will be covered in a panel discussion featuring Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio as well as the Government Blockchain Association, NEC Security Systems, and the National Security Council – The White House. 

  • Discussing the role of blockchain technology in decentralised identity solutions.
  • Technologies and Standards for Decentralised Identity use.

Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio is a CIO with significant experience in governing, managing, auditing, securing, and advising on information and communications technology (ICT) systems and operations supporting national and international civil, judicial, financial, and peacekeeping functions.


Digital Identity in Financial Services 

Brian Russell, SVP – Head of Enterprise Platform for Identity Management and Authentication,
U. S. Bank

The integration of digital identity within the financial services has accelerated Banking-as-a-service and customers having remote control over their finances. This session will assess the landscape of architecture that authenticates and securely onboards customers and the capabilities of fraudsters to disrupt strong customer-bank relationships.

  • Banking as a service;
  • Trust and governance
  • Opportunities for collaboration between fintech and identity service providers;
  • Impact of AI on the future of digital identity in financial services.


Identity Week America 2023: Unveiling the future of identity management

Identity Week America 2023: Unveiling the future of identity management

Identity Week America 2023 is set to return on October 3-4, promising an unparalleled opportunity to explore the cutting-edge advancements in identity management.

Hosted at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in DC, this dynamic platform will bring together 3,000+ global leaders, innovators, and professionals from various industries to discuss, collaborate, and shape the future of identity.

Key highlights of Identity Week America 2023:

250+ Industry-Leading Speakers: Identity Week America has assembled an impressive roster of industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators who will share their knowledge and insights through keynote presentations and panel discussions.

They include: United Nations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, The White House, U.S. Payments Forum, OBIM, FBI, U.S. Secret Service, World Economic Forum, Air Canada, IATA, Netflix, Uber, R.B.C. Royal Bank, NIST, CBS Health, Delta, NEC, BNY Mellon, Unicef, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and many more!

In-Depth Discussions: Identity Week America 2023 will delve into critical issues such as identity technology, security, and compliance. Thought-provoking discussions will help attendees navigate the evolving landscape of identity management and provide practical insights and solutions they can implement in their organisations.

Exhibition: The event’s expansive exhibition hall with 250 exhibitors will showcase cutting-edge solutions, products, and services from leading companies in the identity industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the latest innovations in biometrics, cybersecurity, authentication, AI and more.

Roundtables: Identity Week America will feature interactive roundtables and hands-on sessions, allowing participants to deepen their understanding of identity-related agendas and current uses of technologies.

Startup City: Discover 100+ promising startups and innovative solutions in the identity space through our Startup City, offering a glimpse into the future of identity technology.

Identity Week America 2023 is a must-attend event for professionals seeking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of identity management. Whether you are involved in government, finance, healthcare, travel, technology, or any sector requiring secure and efficient identity solutions, this platform is designed to provide you with the knowledge and connections you need to succeed.

Registration is now open! Don’t miss your chance to be a part of Identity Week America 2023. For more information and to book your free ticket, please visit our website.

Secure documents and biometrics at #IdentityWeekAsia 2023

Secure documents and biometrics at #IdentityWeekAsia 2023

Security documents, PKI, and biometric inclusion continue to be areas of growth and security for Asia, Australia, and surrounding regions.Speakers from the IOMUIDAIGDRFAAustralian Payments PlusUNICEFThe Alan Turing Institute, and the New Zealand Government lead the discussion across both conference days to examine enhanced security in the face of advanced fraud, inclusive registration, and the robust use of biometrics in national identity.

🎤 Sumnesh Joshi, Director General, UIDAI🎤 Mohamed Elganiny, Document examination expert, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai (GDRFA)🎤 Joanne Knight, Identification Consultant; Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand Government🎤 Andrew Black, Managing Director, Australian Payments Plus🎤 Kapil Jambhulkar, Director, UIDAI (Govt of India)🎤 Riccardo Vecellio Segate, Biometrics Researcher, The Alan Turing Institute🎤 Bhaskar Mishra, CRVS and Legal Identity Specialist, Child Protection, UNICEF🎤 Laura Scorretti, Programme Manager, IOM

Identity Week Asia provides a unique space to engage in lively discussions, panel sessions, and networking opportunities.

Latest keynote speaker announced for Identity Week America 2023 👀

Latest keynote speaker announced for Identity Week America 2023 👀

Discover the future of digital identity in the Philippines as PSA Director, Rene Mendoza takes the stage at Identity Week Asia 2023.Join us for an enlightening keynote session that unveils the transformative power of the country’s eID system and its impact on the global identity landscape.Rene, from the Philippines Statistics Agency will share PSA’s success with citizen onboarding, the rollout of their ID card, and the inclusion of biometrics in physical identity cards.  This session will be free to attend, so register for your free expo pass and join us at our keynote stage on the mornings of both days!

Travel, government and finance speakers in brief 👀 #IdentityWeekAmerica 2023

Travel, government and finance speakers in brief 👀 #IdentityWeekAmerica 2023

As part of our commitment to delivering an enriching and first class event, we have secured the participation of hundreds of industry expert speakers who are at the forefront of shaping the future of identity management and authentication.The speakers will bring diverse perspectives and insights from a wide range of industries and are sure to elevate the discussions at Identity Week America to new heightsCheck out some of our latest speaker announcements below from the finance, government and travel sectors.


🎤 Tiffany Bacha, Director, Enterprise Chief Controls Office, The Bank of New York Mellon🎤 Denny Prvu, Director of Architecture: Innovation & Technology, R.B.C Royal Bank🎤 Titilayo Robinson, CIAM Capability Owner, Nationwide🎤 Brian Russell, SVP – Head of Enterprise Platform for Identity Management and Authentication, U.S. Bank🎤 Esther Scott – Esther Scott, Director of Product Management, Capital One🎤 Greg Williamson, VP, Digital Identity, PNC Bank🎤 Brook Ybarra, SVP Innovation and Strategy, American Bankers Association


🎤 Carolyn Bayer Broring, Senior Forensic Document Examiner, US DHS Homeland Security Investigations Forensic Lab🎤 Brian Broderick, Division Chief, USCIS🎤 Gerald Caron, Chief Information Officer, International Trade Administration🎤 Diane Sabatino, Acting Executive Assistant Commissioner, Office of Field Operations, US Customs and Border Protection🎤 Kenneth Gantt, Deputy Director, DHS – Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM)🎤 Sumnesh Joshi, Deputy Director General, Unique Identification Authority of India🎤 John ‘Neal’ Latta, Assistant Administrator, TSA


🎤 Louise Cole, Head Customer Experience & Facilitation, IATA🎤 Michelle Wilson, Senior Technical Advisor, Transportation Security Administration🎤 Annett Steenbergen, Advisor Digital Identity and Travel, Government of Aruba🎤 Jonathan Tailley, Senior Enterprise Architect, Air Canada🎤 John Wagner, President, John Wagner Consulting🎤 Alan D Wapner, Board President, Ontario International Airport Authority

CodeLock ID:60 – Creating a forensic chain of custody and traceable code ownership for developers

CodeLock ID:60 – Creating a forensic chain of custody and traceable code ownership for developers

Creating a forensic chain of custody and traceable code ownership for developers.

Headquartered in Washington D.C., CodeLock delivers software security at the code level for developers.

The start-up, founded in 2021, has been selected to participate in our 200+ Start-Up City Incubator at Identity Week America 2023, on 3 and 4 October.

Between CodeLock’s core network security solution and standard cybersecurity is the differentiating factor of a forensic chain of custody and traceable code ownership, combined with 3 multi-factor authentication methods – OTTs, facial recognition scan and passwords to verify developers.

Their patent pending cryptographic hashing functions ensure private ends of the code throughout the software development process.

Born out of an urgency to hinder software supply chain attacks on the rise, CodeLock has accumulated and raised funding grants to commercialise their offering.

With advanced management insights and performance metrics and data analytics, bad actors are blocked in the authentication of genuine developers presenting a traceable custody of code data.

The Department of Homeland Security Recommendation

“CodeLock appears to have the capability to stop the most sophisticated criminal malware. With respect to cyber attacks from hostile nation-states, CodeLock would also be effective…”


Both these organisations will be participating in Identity Week America 2023 and engaging in potential investor/mentee partnerships between industry and our Start-Up Incubator.

Cutting edge biometrics at #IdentityWeekAmerica 2023!

Cutting edge biometrics at #IdentityWeekAmerica 2023!

Delivering a unique presentation during the conference on cutting-edge biometrics, we are delighted to announce Matt Davies, Deputy Executive Director, CBP onto the schedule for Identity Week America 2023, who will join a much broader conversation and dialogue around the ethics and innovation around real world applications of biometrics. 

Matthew oversees multiple national-level programs related to admissibility enforcement and traveler facilitation in addition to serving as a primary point of contact for engagement between the travel industry and OFO.He was instrumental in leading the implementation of Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks for CBP processing at ORD – the first U.S. airport to adopt this technology innovation.

He will participate in an open panel session on 4 October, 2023, showcasing the latest innovations in biometric technologies and highlighting the rapid evolution of biometric modalities beyond traditional fingerprint and facial recognition. The participants will analyse the unique advantages and drawbacks of each of these types of biometric technologies.

  • Paul Hunter, Chief Executive Officer, Craefte LLC
  • Tadgh Smith, Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) for Technology and Transformation,U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • Matt Davies, Deputy Executive Director, CBP
  • Brian Broderick, Division Chief, USCIS
  • Jay Meil, Chief Data Scientist, SAIC
  • Stephanie Schuckers, Professor, Clarkson University

Andrew Bud CBE, the founder and CEO of iProov, a leading London-based provider of large-scale face-based authentication services, will also be delivering a presentation on 4 October. iProov technology is used for effortless onboarding and authentication by the US Department of Homeland Security, the UK Home Office, the NHS, GovTech Singapore, ING and Eurostar.


On your radar? Identity Week America: 3-4 October, Washington D.C

On your radar? Identity Week America: 3-4 October, Washington D.C

If Identity Week America is not on your radar, it should be. Save the date for October 3-4, 2023. 

After 17 years, Identity Week is established as the leading identity and trust event which has grown substantially to become the main meeting place for experts in the identity space.  

We run a global identity event series for the APAC region, Europe and U.S, split into three domains: digital identity, physical security documents and biometrics. 

Identity Week America is returning to Washington D.C on 3-4 October with over 3,000+ attendees from the public sector, finance, travel, healthcare and retail industries. 

The event covers many converging debates and discussions which are a focus for government in policymaking and bringing in legislation that supports cybersecurity, data protection & AI, new technologies like blockchain and the metaverse, and so much more. 

Identity Week is one of the only events in the calendar that massive multi-sector organisations in this space will attend year-on-year to give updates and announcements on their current projects.

Here’s our agenda:

Free ticket to Asia’s largest identity expo in Singapore in November!

Free ticket to Asia’s largest identity expo in Singapore in November!

Welcome to IDENTITY WEEK ASIA.Identity Week Asia is THE meeting place of Asia’s identity giants.With 2,500+ industry experts in attendance, the entire identity ecosystem will be in Singapore this November, seeking the latest tech and partnerships to solve the biggest issues facing identity today.Book your free expo pass today!

What’s included in your free expo pass?🎟️ 2,500+ attendees⭐️ Iconic keynote speeches📣 Presentations from world-leading brands⚡️ Exhibition showcase with 150+ brands✅ Peer to peer networking🚀 Start-up city🚀 Start-up pitches🍾 Networking events📱 Identity Week Asia app

Join us 7-8 November 2023 in Singapore and claim your FREE pass today!

What else is there to look forward to? Your FREE expo ticket means you’ve also got this to look forward to:

The ID Week expo150 strong, the Identity Week Asia exhibition is our global flagship showcase of cutting-edge tech solutions to authenticating human identity. Whether via a secure credential, biometric, or online/digital identity solution.

Annual MIDWEEK drinks partyAt the end of day 1 join us at our networking party; a networking party to end all other networking parties! Enjoy drinks and make great connections…

Start-up CityFollowing the huge success of our start-up village in 2022, we’re upgrading to a start-up city complete with 50 innovative start-ups working in the identity space. Meet the teams behind the future of identity.

Seminar theatreGet answers to some of the biggest questions facing the identity industry right now. We’ll have our seminar stage jam-packed full of exciting content…

Premium networkingBored of emails? So are we! Shed your email exhaustion and join the identity industry live and in-person this November. Build those all-important business relationships face-to-face.

Mühlbauer Group will support Identity Week Europe 2024 as our Title Partner!

Mühlbauer Group will support Identity Week Europe 2024 as our Title Partner!

We are thrilled to announce Mühlbauer Group will be joining us at #IdentityWeekEurope 2024 as our Title Sponsor and long-standing partners shaping the future for the identity industry! 🎉

Founded in 1981 the Mühlbauer Group has ever since grown to a leading global player of the security sector. With 35 production and service locations worldwide Mühlbauer created a strong competence network around the globe.

With their support, we are poised to deliver an event that will redefine the future of identity.

📅 Save the Date: Mark your calendars for 11-12 June 2024 at the RAI Amsterdam, and get ready for an experience that promises to inspire, educate, and empower.

🔗 Stay Tuned: We can’t wait to reveal more about the incredible lineup of sponsors, speakers, and networking opportunities that await you at Identity Week Europe 2024!
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Singpass app is incorporating digital ID to vote in Singapore’s presidential election

Singpass app is incorporating digital ID to vote in Singapore’s presidential election

Singapore’s digital Singpass app is likely to become the more dominant ID used to register and vote in elections over the long-standing physical National Registration Identity Card, which was first issued in May 1966 to all Singaporeans aged 12 years old or above.

The Singpass app will be accepted at polling stations in the upcoming presidential elections, in a move towards a digitalised electoral system.

Voters can still opt to use their physical ID card when casting their vote on 13 September, 2023, however the government is encouraging adoption of the digital identity Singpass app which has greater capabilities to store data securely relating to 4.5 million voters.

Since 2021, the digital identity card has also been approved as a fundamental element to authorising services such as accessing public healthcare data, facilitating transactions and opening bank accounts.

While the Monetary Authority of Singapore has insisted on the use of the Singpass app for all transaction requests and ID proofing purposes, the physical national ID card remains in use as a token of citizenship for many and vital for applications for permanent residence status.

Physical and digital innovations at Identity Week Asia – the time to meet up with 3,000+ industry peers is fast approaching! 

Today is the National Day of Singapore too! We’re celebrating by highlighting the innovative identity leaders from this small but mighty country.

They include:

  • Roland Tan, Assistant Director, GovTech Singapore
  • Helen Chua, Singapore Ambassador, Women in Identity
  • Allen Sng, Sub-committee Chair, Law Reform Committee
  • Kendrick Lee, Director National Identity, GovTech Singapore
  • Hannah Lim Ye Fen. Associate Professor, Business Law, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
  • Shaowei Ho, Principal Product Manager Trace Together, GovTech Singapore
  •  Mar Vin Foo, Group Managing Director, SCAVAI Smart Mobility Consultancy

These dynamic and enterprising professionals will represent Singapore and their respective companies at Identity Week Asia 2023!

Register before midnight GMT on Friday to save USD $350 on full conference passes for Identity Week Asia 2023!

Trust and Governance Frameworks at #IdentityWeekAmerica2023

Trust and Governance Frameworks at #IdentityWeekAmerica2023

Trust is at the heart of facilitating access to public and private services we all use in everyday life, which must be governed by frameworks that guide a supportive ecosystem for technology and business development.

Hear from our panel of leading industry experts on how to ensure digital identification systems are safe, reliable and interoperable under fledging trust and governance frameworks. Government attendees from across states in the U.S. will be turning out in huge numbers to join financial services, attendees from the travel industry and healthcare to discuss how the highest levels of data security and privacy protection can be ensured.

The importance of standards and interoperability and building trust and accountability into digital identity frameworks will be a pillar of Identity Week America 2023.


Be in Washington D.C. at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center from the 3-4 October to watch this exciting panel exploring important frameworks and regulation:

  • Kay Chopard, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative
  • Judith Fleenor, Director Strategic Engagements, Trust over IP Foundation
  • Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist, OiX
  • Kenneth Myers, Director, Identity Assurance, and Trusted Access Division, GSA
  • Kristel Teyras, Chair Digital Identity Work Group, Secure Identity Alliance


Government speaker round-up – Identity Week Asia 2023!

Government speaker round-up – Identity Week Asia 2023!

Identity Week Asia 2023 promises to be an unparalleled gathering of industry professionals, experts, and thought leaders, all converging to shape the future of identity technology and its applications.Join 2,500 attendees and 150 exhibitors at Asia‘s largest and most trusted identity event this November!

Register today to save USD $350 on full conference passes for Identity Week Asia 2023!

With government bodies sitting at the heart of Identity Week Asia, we want to highlight some of the industry giants speaking at this year’s event.Check out our distinguished 2023 government speakers so far…

🎤 Kendrick Lee, Director, Product Management, National Digital IdentityGovTech🎤 Kapil Jambhulkar, Director, UIDAI🎤 Mohamed Awadalla, Forgery detection consultant, Forensic lab; RAK police🎤 Mohamed Elganiny, Document examination expert, GDRFA General Directorate of Residency And Foreigners Affairs Dubai🎤 Ivan Clarke, Passport Technical Specialist, Australian Passport Office🎤 Lenka Bradokova, Executive Director Digital IdentityNSW Department of Customer Service🎤 Kavita Kewal, Assistant Secretary, Identity and Biometrics Policy and Strategy Branch, Department of Home Affairs🎤 Natalie Jones, Director, Digital Identity, Government Digital Service, UK Cabinet Office🎤 Joanne Knight, Identification Consultant, Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand Government🎤 Philip Muehleck, Director of Programs Delivery – Digital IdentityNSW Department of Customer Service🎤 Rohan Samaraweera, Senior Director Data Science, Department of Home Affairs

Linda Van Horn, iShare Medical: Adding ID proofing to the exchange of private health records

Linda Van Horn, iShare Medical: Adding ID proofing to the exchange of private health records

iShare Medical is an accredited trust platform providing identity proofing and authentication of federated IDs to send and share medical information between the patient-provider ecosystem.

Speaking in 2022, Linda Van Horn, President & CEO of iShare Medical, shares how many providers are among their vast network, benefiting from secure data exchanges between their healthcare systems.

iShare Medical’s best practice of enhancing patients care outcomes is by reaching providers within their EHR (electronic health record), which shares data with clinicians at the point of patient care.

Identity Week America 2023, based in Washington D.C. will make an eagerly-anticipated return on 3 and 4 October.

Singapore comes out on top in Henley Passport Index

Singapore comes out on top in Henley Passport Index

The consensus on Singapore’s “little red book” ranking the world’s most powerful passport has solidified Identity Week Asia, due to take place in Singapore, as the perfect event to meet and discuss physical documents, as well as digital identity solutions.

Singapore beat Japan in the world rankings, the Henley Passport Index showed, across the APAC region and beyond for design, security features and usability which equally contributes to a useful passport. Japan was knocked off the top ranking held for 5 consecutive years after the latest study. Singapore’s passport boosts international travel to 192 countries, meeting the demand for travel while ensuring a continuous focus on the document’s security elements.

Singapore’s ambition to build the best passport ever enables travel to 193 out of 227 countries without visa entry.

The IATA, or International Air Transport Authority, inputted data to reassess the leaderboard of 227 countries delivering a well-rounded passport. 199 passports are typically considered in the Henley Passport Index consensus.

IATA’s Louise Cole who is head of Customer Experience will be joining the “Frictionless Travel” panel discussion at Identity Week America 2023 on 3-4 October.

Among the top passports determined in the Index, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria and Finland also performed highly.

By comparison, America’s position slipped in the global passport rankings which could be due to the U.S. not having many state-issued ID documents.

Stage set for Identity Week Asia in Singapore 

The passport is not the only indicator of Singapore’s economy and foothold in international travel. GovTech Singapore, a statutory board of the Government of Singapore, has signed plenty of MUA partnerships to bolster digitalisation and digital government.

A host of high-profile speakers are already spread across the whole agenda at Identity Week Asia to contribute to full discussions between the industry’s biggest players.

Identity Week Asia will provide a central meeting point in Asia for anyone involved in authenticating human identity, whether via a secure credential, biometric, or digital identity solutions. Be in the eye-line of potential investors and partners.

#IdentityWeekAmerica‘s 2023 exhibition also keeps getting better with exciting new sponsors joining over the past week; including TransUnionAxiadForgeRock and IDVerse – An OCR Labs Company. 

For more details of the agenda and to get your free virtual pass, see here.

Chris Allgrove: Performance assessment of Generation 8 biometric technologies

Chris Allgrove: Performance assessment of Generation 8 biometric technologies

In 2023, 8th generation biometric technologies have achieved a high overall level of performance and trust, in line with robust standards.

Since NIST’s 2016 evaluation it is widely accepted that ‘inherent’ biases have been eliminated. Performance testing and reporting continues to be critical for continuing a trajectory of development and innovation against the ISO 19715 and ISO 30107 standards.

Here, Chris explains the different types of mobile phone, operational, scenario and PAD testing.

Esteemed sponsors sign up for Identity Week America 2023

Esteemed sponsors sign up for Identity Week America 2023

#IdentityWeekAmerica‘s 2023 lineup keeps getting better with exciting new sponsors joining over the past week; including TransUnionAxiadForgeRock and IDVerse – An OCR Labs Company!

Follow your competitors and secure a booth today at the industry’s most important and trusted identity event. If there is one event to attend this year to boost your clients and prospects, Identity Week America has made its mark gathering together long-standing industry players year-on-year, as well as attracting new companies keeping up with innovations and creating top privacy and user experiences.

If you are a system integrator looking to meet the likes of ForgeRock, you need to secure your place now at our best price point for stands on our exhibition floor. It’s getting full, so act quickly to be amongst the action!

From governance to financial services; and from healthcare to travel, Identity Week will host thousands of relevant stakeholders to meet from both the private and public sector.

TransUnion, Axiad, ForgeRock and the IDVerse Company are making huge company announcements as they integrate their services with demand from the financial services and other industries.

1Kosmos, a company that unifies identity proofing and passwordless authentication, has just launched its unified proofing and passwordless platform on NayaOne, the leading Digital Transformation Platform provider for financial institutions.

“We are pleased to welcome 1Kosmos to the NayaOne Marketplace, and its passwordless multi-factor authentication platform which enables financial institutions to modernise authentication as part of their digital transformation initiatives” – Oli Platt, Product and Marketplace Manager for NayaOne. 

ForgeRock, a global digital identity leader, recently announced its astute findings of the 2023 ForgeRock Identity Breach Report, proving their awareness of the threat landscape and data breeches impacting businesses and users. The ForgeRock Platform orchestrates superior management and security of all identities to protect against these threats.

With the support of TransUnion, Axiad, ForgeRock and IDVerse, Identity Week looks forward to delivering an unforgettable experience for over 3000 attendees, featuring two days of identity-based content.

Interested in joining them?

Identity Week America takes place October 3rd-4th in Washington DC. For any opportunities, please feel free to contact Harrison Bar-Shimon and Jonathan Drape-Comyn.

Got an announcement to shout about at Identity Week America and on our news portal?

Contact us:

Evie Kim Sing, Editor, –

Jonathan Drape-Comyn –

Harrison Bar-Shimon –

To register your pass for Identity Week, please visit:


Book now for Identity Week America 2023 – on this 4th July!

Book now for Identity Week America 2023 – on this 4th July!


It’s 4 July – the biggest national holiday in the U.S!

It focuses America into sharper view as one of the most competitive identity markets globally, which has produced top-class identity solutions to demanding applications.

Identity Week America 2023 caters to provide a meaningful opportunity for identity experts across the Americas to meet and discuss ongoing plans for physical and digital identity initiatives with supportive frameworks.

This interview is from 2022 with Linda Van Horn, President at iShare Medical who shares how digital identity is leveraged in healthcare to verify transactions of medical records between the patient and the medical profession.



SonicBee 2023 Survey Report: The State of the EU Digital Identity Wallet

SonicBee 2023 Survey Report: The State of the EU Digital Identity Wallet

Sonicbee, in collaboration with Identity Week, released The 2023 Survey Report: The State of the EU Digital Identity Wallet (aka eIDAS2.0). Turned into an interactive seminar at Identity Week Europe in June, the findings gauged the broad industry’s attitudes towards the introduction of a European-wide digital identity and data sharing solution, its advances and improvements still to be defined in the eIDAS 2.0 legal framework.

The availability of this survey is very timely with each member state currently establishing how to create their own interoperable national digital wallet and integrate personal identifying data from public notaries by the 2024 delivery data. Benefits to users of a unified approach supported by the eIDAS Regulation is linked in the report to an unlimited number of use cases and growing adoption of the wallet.

The report also addresses the EU’s ambitious timeline for realisation of the EU DI Wallet and the potential barriers to inclusion and proportionate uptake as countries invest in the architecture.

The expert survey was conducted by Jacoba Sieders and Henk Marsman of SonicBee in collaboration with the Identity Week Team in May and June 2023, leading up to Identity Week Europe 2023 conference held in Amsterdam on June 13th and 14th, 2023.

Selected experts from the conference panels were invited to respond. Preliminary results were discussed at the conference on June 14th, and reflections from that discussion are included in this report.  


Click to access Report-Expert-Opinions-on-the-State-of-the-EU-DIW-June-2023-Final.pdf