Portuguese smart border solutions firm Vision-Box has launched a new on-the-move facial recognition tool.Called Seamless Totem, the firm said it uses a new passenger interaction model based on “on-the-move” processes and new facial recognition technology improving passenger identification, hence homeland security.The company adds that the new biometric totem addresses the challenge of biometric capture quality, as it uses rotating cameras that “largely improve current imaging capabilities, capturing a high resolution, ICAO-compliant photo of every traveler snapping pictures on the move”.A high-quality biometric data input is then provided to authorities to perform the matchwith the photos already stored in their databases.When launching the new solution, CEO Miguel Leitmann said “Deploying an integrated biometrically enhanced solution across the US with the new multifunction biometric totem for enrollment and verification will represent a huge boost in traveler experience and public safety”.”The new totem puts forward the most efficient and reliable facial recognition technology ever, with a low impact in the environment and minimal disruption in people flow, by capturing a high quality photo of every individual on-the-move, as the traveler naturally walks at normal pace, at any moment of their journey where an accurate identification must be guaranteed. While regular travelers will move seamlessly across travel hubs, such as airports, ports or land borders, US authorities can dedicate their full attention to managing exceptions and urgency situations”.