Smart card management systems company Versasec and German biometric security firm cryptovision have formed a tech partnership.Under terms of the agreement, Versasec customized its vSEC:CMS to support cryptovision's ePKI, its generic public key infrastructure (PKI) smart card applet.”One of our goals has been ensuring that customers all over the world can manage their different security and identity management credentials through one system, vSEC:CMS,” said Joakim ThorÉn, CEO of Versasec. “By supporting the cryptovision sc/interface PKCS#11-Module, we are now adding a long list of additional smart cards to our existing list of supported smart cards.”cryptovision, based in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, has specialized in cryptography and identity solutions for 18 years. Its ePKI card application is used in numerous large-scale enterprise IT projects and provides enhanced security based on digital certificates.It is also a central component of cryptovision's ePasslet Suite, a collection of Java Card applets for eID document applications. With each applet implementing some dedicated eID functionality, deploying customized multi-functional eID documents is both simple and secure.The ePKI Applet provides PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) functionality including digital signatures, key exchange, and asymmetric encryption, with both RSA and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithms supported. Additionally, on-card third-party biometrics can be incorporated to further enhance security.”Securing user identities has never been more important, but enterprises and their employees often cringe if the process seems overly complex,” said Marco Smeja, Executive Vice President of Sales at cryptovision. “By partnering with Versasec, which greatly simplifies identity and access management, we are making it easier than ever for our customers to protect their data from both external and insider threats.”