Security firm SensibleVision today announced 3DVerify, a facial-recognition security technology purpose-built to support tablets and smartphones equipped with 3D cameras.The company has developed Depth/3D camera security solutions since 2009, and has received six patents related to image-based verification.”It's no secret that every device maker is planning on including 3D cameras on their next generation of phones and tablets, and the main reason they're doing it is to improve security,” says George Brostoff, Co-founder and CEO of SensibleVision. “Depth cameras are only months – not years – away, and our mission is to help mobile manufacturers incorporate 3D imaging into a Simultaneous Multi-Factor Authentication approach that will prevent unauthorized device access without compromising the user experience.SensibleVision has said its advanced Depth/3D liveness solutions can detect videos, photos and masks, the main techniques that hackers use today to exploit 2D cameras on mobile devices. The information from the 3D camera is used to confirm the presence of a real face and when supported by the depth sensor, improve the accuracy of the face recognition itself. Any objects – including photos and videos – that lack the depth characteristics of a human face are rejected.