Unisys Corporation announced the availability of Unisys Stealth(identity) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) 2.0 and Stealth(identity) 2.7, the latest versions of the company's biometric identity management software. Stealth(identity) is highly scalable and brings flexible biometric authentication and strong security to enterprises of any size, while the SaaS offering means protection capabilities are available either on premises or in the cloud.Stealth(identity) strengthens defense against identity fraud by establishing trusted and irrefutable identities of individuals across multiple physical and digital channels. It also provides comprehensive control of biometric management processes and the flexibility to adapt to and leverage advancements in technology to consistently stay ahead of cyber criminals.Identity theft has proven to be particularly problematic during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, more than 124,000 complaints regarding fraud schemes related to COVID-19 have already been filed from consumers, with nearly half (48%) saying they lost money in a scam. And according to the 2020 Unisys Security Index™, the longest-running snapshot of consumer security concerns conducted globally, identity theft ranks as the top area of concern for consumers both globally and in the U.S.”The world is dealing with a crisis of unprecedented proportions, as both businesses and consumers have had to balance health concerns with the rapid shift to working remotely, while simultaneously facing a dramatic rise in cyberattacks,” said Chris Kloes, vice president, Unisys Security Solutions. “As a result, identity management is more important than ever and Stealth(identity) gives clients a simplified, cost-effective way of combating identity fraud by using biometrics to accurately and irrefutably verify identities – resulting in greater security and convenience.”Stealth(identity) leverages trusted, verified identities to ensure that an organization is dealing with an actual person – the one they claim to be. The adaptive, risk-based authentication simplifies security policies and works with existing infrastructure, leading to a lower total cost of ownership in managing the full lifecycle of identities from identity proofing through authorization, all using a single platform. It also supports single sign-on capabilities to add a layer of biometrics-based protection to applications for e-commerce, banking, transportation and any application within the enterprise that leverages biometrics for authentication. Stealth(identity) SaaS supports fingerprint, face, voice and iris recognition as well as behavioral biometrics, with the ability to integrate new biometric modalities in the future. When combined with the strength of other security portfolio offerings – such as Unisys Stealth® micro-segmentation software to quickly isolate devices or users at the first sign of compromise – Stealth(identity) is an essential component of a zero trust security solution.