Biometrics firm ImageWare Systems has announced the award of three important patents related to its multi-modal biometric platform, the IWS Biometric Engine.The firm has released a statement stating that the titles and descriptions of the three patents are:Anonymous Biometric Identification (US Patent – 9,262,613)This patent represents the third in a series of patents that focus on securing identity and biometrics in the cloud (anonymous storage of biometrics). These three patents protect ImageWare's innovative ability to store and recall biometrics for identity verification and identification across a number of use cases, while separating the biometric data from any personally identifiable information, protecting the biometrics from being compromised and used by hackers and/or identity thieves.Systems and Methods for Biometric Data Management Using Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) (US Patent – 9,268,904)This patent protects ImageWare's intellectual property regarding real-time biometric data management from being directly copied and integrated into existing structured query language (SQL) database products. While the IWS Biometric Engine does not rely on a traditional SQL database, its low-level cache and biometric data management could be integrated into a client/server, relational database management system architecture.Multi-Modal Biometric Database Searching Methods (US Patent – 9,286,528)This patent gives ImageWare the rights to the comparison of multiple modalities in a biometric search process. This process can apply to a single search method in which all modalities are compared simultaneously or a multiple search method in which one modality is compared to another.”ImageWare's unique offering of multi-modal biometric authentication solutions gives enterprises the ability to secure their platforms through a variety of biometric modalities,” said Jim Miller, chairman and CEO of ImageWare. “Our position as a leader in multi-modal biometrics continues to be affirmed with the addition of these patents to our already extensive technology portfolio. As this list of patents continues to grow, we are better positioning ourselves for the fast-growing biometric industry.”