ABTA’s Director of Public Affairs, Luke Petherbridge, has given his testimony during the House of Lords committee to discuss the impact on travel after the UK left the European Union. The EU’s entry biometric system is impending next May.

He expressed concerns that with the provision of more seamless systems to process EU travellers, UK citizens could face delays when submitting their biometric data. The changes have been forthcoming since Britain’s EU exit impacting travel and trade. The address acknowledges the different treatment of the UK for example with the mobility of workers and businesses.

The impact of Brexit on tourism was also blamed for less seamless operations in the travel industry and more restrictions on visits to the EU, passport stamping and additional lanes at airports.

Rather than taking a few seconds to pass through security, the process is minutes slower for UK citizens, according to Travel Weekly. When questioned on the possibility of UK passengers being deterred from the EU, Luke stated that many travellers were still willing to to travel despite more cumbersome entry checks. The introduction of the EU’s e-visa scheme and biometric schemes expected in 2023 can be compared to the US ESTA program.