IDEX Biometrics,a provider of advanced fingerprint identification and authentication solutions, is pleased to announce that it has entered into partnership with Sian Intelligent Technology, a Chinese smart card manufacturer, specializing in the development, design, manufacturing and sale of dual-interface smart cards.Sian has many years of experience in delivering high-quality smart card components in mass volumes.IDEX Biometrics has a growing commercial presence in Asia and is seeing increasing demand for its biometric payment solutions. To meet this demand and help accelerate mass volume production of biometric smart cards, IDEX Biometrics is working in close partnership with Sian to ensure successful integration of biometric components into smart cards.Stan Swearingen, CEO of IDEX Biometrics: “The market for biometric smart cards is gaining considerable momentum. Our biometric sensors are ready for mass deployment in smart cards and we are delighted to be working in partnership with Sian to help achieve this.”Hailin Zhu, CEO at Sian adds: “IDEX is the leader in biometric technology and we are very pleased to be partnering with them. Together we can ensure that crucial components within the biometric smart card are compatible and ready for mass production”.