IN Groupe is facing a significant surge in demand for its SPS products both in the identity and banking segment. This product traction is especially fueled by the booming demand for dual interface banking cards in Asia, North and Latin America on top of the regular growth in all the other regions.To anticipate this growing demand, IN Groupe has decided to launch a strong expansion plan several months ago dedicated to its SPS branded product line, that sees the company expand in a new building allowing it to double its production capacity and to reach 600 to 800 million units production capacity by 2020. IN Groupe already doubled its production capacity dedicated to its SPS product line over the last two-year period, reaching 300 million units in 2018.The expansion touches all aspects of SPS organization: besides its production lines, IN Groupe is also expanding its supply chain and office capacity dedicated to SPS to always improve its customer service and to serve better smart card industrialists worldwide. The new building extension will mainly be dedicated to new office and logistic activities, and free more space for production in current facilities.IN Groupe production dedicated to SPS is based on a combination of internal manufacturing and production hosted at a set of qualified manufacturing partners. SPS develops and industrializes its own products and manufacturing processes before expanding the production with its manufacturing partners. This way, along with a permanent quality control, the company ensures a maximum flexibility and customer proximity.Philippe Patrice, VP of IN Groupe and CEO of SPS, declares: "Thanks to the extension of our production and support services, we are in an always better position to serve smart card vendors bringing them the best combination between innovation and a reliable supply chain, allowing them to supply card issuers with best in class contactless and dual interface cards."