Nanotechnology engineering beats existing computer generated holography. That’s the main lesson from the Excellence in Holography awards, organised by the industry trade body International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), where IQ Structures, a research and production organisation, a member of IQS Group, won the main category ‘The Best Origination’.

It turns out that mathematically controlled nanostructures, which combine laser, e-beam and nanoprinting in their creation, offer entirely new possibilities. These possibilities are completely beyond the reach of alternative methods of origination and thus beyond the reach of counterfeiters.

Some of these things have already been used in the protection of particular identity documents.

The winning hologram Singularity was created as a tribute to the international team of scientists who unveiled the first-ever image of Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy, on 20 May. You can see the winning hologram here.

Hologram Singularity presents the latest possibilities of 3D imaging in Computer generated holography. It is an innovative technology with great potential for security use.

Why is it so unique? It contains:

  • The first 3D depiction of space curvature in computer generated holography.
  • Moving objects covering the background – selective covering (this is an innovative technological contribution).
  • White and rainbow kinetic effects on 3D animated objects – IQ Structures brings standard 2D effects into 3D holography.
  • 4D hypercube (animated 3D projection into 2D holography) – an exciting news how to showcase direct 3D projection of a 4D object.

This is the third win for IQ Structures in the main category of Best Origination in the last five years. In addition, the company had one win in the Best Application category.