As the world is becoming more and more digital, so is the number of critical activities requiring citizens to prove their identity online. During Idenitity Week, IDEMIA will be presenting its vision as well as its fully scalable systems and solutions to ensure the security of digital identities.As a global leader in Augmented Identity, our expertise combines the best of identity management, biometric accuracy, design efficiency and program execution in order for governments to:Manage their population's identity from birth and throughout lifeGuarantee fast authentication of identity documents and prevent fraudMake sure citizens can prove their identity with greater privacyEnable a quick, secure and seamless travel experienceReinvent the border crossing experienceLeverage advanced video analytics to secure public placesThe need for a trusted identity that can be used anywhere, anytime is growing as populations around the world become more connected and mobile – moving faster and traveling further than ever before. In this context, we promise an identity on-the-go for a seamless lifestyle, with physical and digital identity solutions for citizens to simply enjoy life from home to the city center.Faced with a constantly evolving international situation, governments and airport operators have to address more and more threats and to perform more and more controls at all their borders. Playing a role in airport's future, we invent on-the-move biometrics that will revolutionize border control and passenger flow facilitation.As part of security of airports and cities, real-time video analytics and facial recognition are emerging in countries around the world with fears concerning security of public places and infrastructures. High tech video processing systems with cutting-edge recognition and intelligent data analysis can accurately analyze video footage to spot suspects and take some of the pressure off hard-pressed security forces.To learn more on all these topics, we invite you to attend:IDEMIA's Keynote – 11th June: ID on the move by François Perrachon, SVP Global Sales at IDEMIAPresentation – 11th June: Biometrics – The Heart of Seamless Travel by Emmanuel Wang, VP Border Control Market and Product Offer, IDEMIA Presentation – 12th June: Document authentication – Emerging concepts by Isabelle Poulard, VP Passport and Driving License Market and Product Offer, IDEMIAWe are convinced that the shift from physical to digital identities represents a significant change in our lives. High-tech companies such as IDEMIA are there to support governments in successfully developing technologies and ensuring their widespread adoption. In order to tackle these challenges, IDEMIA will also be taking part in panel discussions about the ethics of biometric surveillance and digital identity for a better future.