Norway's Thin Film Electronics has announced it is working with brand protection and document-security leader Holoptica in efforts to deliver a new printed nanotechnology anti-counterfeiting solution to a range of government markets.The solution, featuring a hybrid SpeedTap/hologram tag supported by cloud-based software, was designed to protect government-issued documents such as visas, passports and other identification-based credentials and will aid in efforts to combat widespread counterfeiting around the world.The SpeedTap/hologram tag provides a combination of high-security holography and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that delivers several layers of protection and authentication functionality. The end result is the ability to create documents that are not only unforgeable, but can be rendered completely invalid and unusable in the event of theft.The NFC chip in the SpeedTap tag essentially makes each physical document "smart", giving government officials and consumers the ability to instantly connect to its certified digital twin and verify authenticity with the simple tap of a smartphone. In addition, the slim profile of the chip allows for seamless document integration and eliminates noticeable bumps that affect performance and impede reliability.The counterfeiting of documents such as work permits, passports, and visas is a growing global concern, and the market for illicit documents sold on the black market is estimated to generate more than $10 billion annually. The mounting financial losses have prompted many governmental bodies to take action and implement formal programs – many of which leverage innovative technologies – to mitigate fraudulent practices. "Combining Thinfilm's SpeedTap tags with Holoptica's high-security COMPASS/holoQR/DNA SmartMark hologram creates a highly effective yet economical solution in the fight against counterfeiters," said George Perkous, Holoptica's CEO. "The broader counterfeiting market generates roughly $600 billion annually, and we're excited about the role these innovative tags can play in effectively addressing the document security needs of governments and related authorities around the globe."Thinfilm's SpeedTap tags are thin, flexible devices that can integrate with a document's or product's packaging and can be read with the tap of an NFC-enabled smartphone. Each tag is uniquely identifiable and is virtually impossible to clone. Once tapped, the tag wirelessly communicates with the cloud, enabling brands or regulatory groups to connect directly with end-users and instantly deliver authentication messaging, serial numbers, product information, and other relevant content."Document fraud costs governments and businesses billions of dollars each year and directly contributes to the growth of global terrorist activity," said Davor Sutija, CEO of Thinfilm. "We're pleased to work with Holoptica in delivering a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solution that strengthens ID-based document programs and helps create safer environments worldwide."