Southeast Asian nation Thailand could become a growth area of biometrics technology, according to an industry insider.Speaking to the Bangkok Post, Dutch Ng, co-founder and chief executive of i-Sprint Innovations, a Singapore-based identical management service provider, said moves in the government and commercial sector indicate the chances of progress.Ng highlighted the future role for biometrics in e-payment and fintech services, particularly fingerprint and face recognition systems.Last year, the Bank of Thailand issued a notification to financial institutions to reset their customers&aamp;#39; password verification protocols to avoid possible fraud. “This could be a wake up call for banks and financial institutes to adopt biometric technologies for verification system,” he said.Meanwhile, Poonsuk Wattanayingjaroenchai, executive director of DataOne Asia Thailand, said he expects to see a surge in spending on cybersecurity and identity management systems among private and public sectors…i-Sprint Innovations has appointed DataOne Asia Thailand, the system integrations arm of SET-listed SVOA, as its local authorised distributor to expand its presence in other sectors like telecom, healthcare.