A group of workers in Kuwait has been caught fooling fingerprint readers in a government office.According to a report in Gulf News, some 38 state employees used fake fingerprints to skip work, using silicone covers to trick the system.Officials said that a back-up camera system hadn't helped because the suspects covered their faces when clocking in minister of commerce and industry Khalid Al Rowdan told Kuwaiti daily Al Rai.All the scanner machines are equipped with cameras, and it was noticed that some employees scanned their fingerprints while covering the cameras or kept their faces away from it,” Al Rowdan said. “The employees were referred to justice and an administrative order has been issued to all the employees to ensure their faces are clear to the camera when they are logging in with their fingerprints,” he said, quoted by Kuwaiti daily Al Rai.”Without a clear view of the face of the employee logging in, the attendance will not be not be validated.”An investigation into the scam was launched by the legal affairs department following remarks that employees did not show their faces while signing in, he added.