Tascent is pleased to announce a new product variant – InSight Face EBT – which will enable organizations to conduct required temperature checks whilst saving time and money and improving the end-user experience.In today's COVID era, many organizations are adopting temperature screening as a method of triaging individuals who might be febrile, to facilitate their return to business-as-usual operations. Screening for elevated body temperatures (EBT) using non-contact thermal infrared (IR) technologies is an established, internationally-recognized method for mitigating the spread of active pathogens which cause fever. Devices which can achieve this effectively are highly-specialized and provide readings that are both accurate (close to the true value) and precise (highly repeatable). Conversely, devices which provide inaccurate or inconsistent readings provide a false sense of safety and exacerbate the very situation they are intended to mitigate. Hence, the technology selected is extremely important if the screening step is to be effective.However, no matter the technology applied, there is still the unwelcome cost and hassle of introducing an additional screening step to previously-routine processes. And this is where Tascent can help; by combining EBT screening with high-performance face recognition, organizations can reshape the basic temperature check into an experience that drives efficiency and /or customer service improvements.Tascent_InSight_EBT, the newest member of the best-of-breed InSight family, does just that. Tascent's InSight Face EBT meets current FDA Guidelines for Telethermographic Systems used for COVID-19 EBT measurements, whilst providing class-leading biometric face acquisition capabilities. When optionally teamed with Tascent Enterprise Suite's flexible server platform, InSight Face EBT enables streamlined temperature and identity checks, associating temperature data with previouslly-enrolled identities, and facilitating streamlined processing of travellers, passengers, employees, and customers according to the scenario.Talk to Tascent about how InSight Face EBT can help your organization can turn the cost of temperature screening into a net benefit.