Aware, a leading global provider of biometrics software products, solutions and services, today announced the release of Knomi version 2.6, a market-leading mobile biometric software product. This new version will equip Aware customers with robust passive facial liveness and authentication combined with an additional voice biometric capability – speaker recognition – to provide secure, cost-effective, and convenient access to applications and networks.Biometric authentication technologies continue to rapidly evolve as more organizations seek to add security while reducing friction. Most two-factor authentication technologies that work to secure identities continue to rely on passwords for user verification. Insecure passwords can lead to security breaches, stolen data, and high management costs with nearly half of all help desk tickets submitted for password resets. With Knomi 2.6, face and speaker recognition are combined into a single platform, providing customers with unique capabilities to deploy multifactor authentication with the convenience of biometrics to enable more secure mobile onboarding and authentication. “We are excited to introduce this truly unique product to the market,” said Rob Mungovan, Aware's Chief Commercial Officer. “It's a significant advancement in the ongoing pursuit of strong, secure, passwordless authentication. With Knomi 2.6, our customers can authenticate users through their face or their voice. Additionally, both biometrics can be implemented in a fused approach to ensure a super strong, difficult to repudiate, passwordless authentication. We believe the combination of face plus voice biometrics, with face liveness and voice liveness, make Knomi 2.6 a one-of-a-kind-offering.”Knomi 2.6 includes algorithms for voice “liveness,” or anti-spoofing, which is designed to analyze the spoken phrase to ensure it originates from a live human and is not a recording or synthetically generated voice presented by a machine or device – a very similar technique used for Knomi's market proven advanced facial liveness. Knomi 2.6 enables a system to associate a spoken phrase to a specific person in a process similar to face recognition supporting any language, phrase or sentence to verify a user's identity.”We know firsthand that managing security without compromising privacy is key to our customers, and Knomi 2.6 mobile biometric enrollment and authentication makes the promise possible,” said Mohamed Lazzouni, Chief Technology Officer at Aware. “Using face and voice liveness detection running on the user's device, Knomi 2.6 raises the bar on protecting user privacy and security against presentation attacks, with the convenience of taking a selfie and recording a voice memo. An advanced architecture that uses minimal on device software while retaining key processing on the server helps both users and administrators take full advantage of the technology while keeping the management overhead of the platform low, easy to maintain, and highly adaptable to customer needs.”Knomi is a mobile biometric authentication framework that applies a variety of biometric algorithms to enable more secure and convenient mobile onboarding and passwordless authentication experience. Its web services and mobile device SDKs work in concert to perform biometric capture, liveness detection, and matching, with face and voice modalities supported.