The number of Tanzanians applying for electronic passports has drastically increased to an average of 1,200 applications from between 300 and 400 per day.The Commissioner-General of the Immigration Department, Dr Anna Makakala, told the country's "Daily News" in an exclusive interview yesterday that Tanzanians, both within the country and those abroad, are responding positively in applying for ePassports. "Many people are turning up applying for the new electronic passports since the old ones are no longer eligible for the application of visas," said Dr Makakala. "Tanzanians with the old passports could only use them to travel from abroad to Tanzania during the remaining period. On the contrary, they cannot use the documents to apply for a visa to travel outside the country," Dr Makakala explained, stressing further that all applicants must possess the national identity cards issued by the National Identification Authority (NIDA).Dr Makakala noted on the other hand that the Department has since August, last year installed equipment for issuance of electronic passports at all Tanzania's embassies abroad.