The 2022 Global Passenger Survey, conducted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), has confirmed that convenience is a top concern for the majority of passengers.

The survey findings revealed that most customers were satisfied with their experience during routine airport procedures such as booking, checking-in and arriving at the airport.

10,000 people participated in the survey across 222 countries to share their travel preferences and help build an understanding of improvements that can be made to the future travel experience. Unsurprisingly, there were also key learnings to take from the report to improve transfers, border control and efficiency throughout the airport while balancing the need for secure travel experiences.

The general attitude towards the use of biometrics is positive which has an impact on reducing waiting times through border control, enhancing safety and the user experience.

83% of people also confirmed they would be willing to share pre-advanced biometric data on the day or day prior to their departure to be stored and leveraged for future journeys. 75% of participants suggested that facial recognition screening should replace the need to carry a physical passport or boarding pass. Overall satisfaction levels were lower at 66% with regards to efficiency at border controls.