South Korea-based biometrics firm Suprema has said it will launch BioSign 2.0, a “game-changing mobile fingerprint authentication algorithm”, because of its fast matching speed, at an upcoming trade show.In a statement, the company said that thanks to the company's latest artificial intelligence technology, the new BioSign 2.0 algorithm yields matching speed up to twice as fast as the best competitor's solution while “far outpacing competitors” in terms of accuracy(FRR) and level of security(FAR).Moreover, BioSign 2.0 offers enhanced robustness over time and extra flexibility in integration by supporting various types and sizes of sensors.The firm said BioSign 2.0's performance even with low-end application processors make it a good fit for low-cost smartphones.”BioSign 2.0 performs matching speed of 50ms with high-end APs and 100ms with low-end APs while maintaining security level(FAR) under 0.0005% ߪ When it comes to fingerprint authentication in smartphones, due to changes in scanning habit and skin condition, current technology often result in poorer performance with use over time.”Fingerprint authentication has become an essential feature in today's smartphones. Fingerprint is a 'must' feature on every premium models today and now the adoption is increasing on mid-to-low range smartphones. By overcoming low-cost APs' performance limitations, Suprema BioSign 2.0 is set to change the game. BioSign 2.0 will boost widespread of fingerprint authentication in mid-range smartphones by providing most economical and effective way of fingerprint authentication,” said Brian Song, CEO at Suprema.