South Korean biometric sensor developer CrucialTec has told local media that a fingerprint sensor solution that works anywhere on a touch screen will be deployed this year.Fingerprint module maker CrucialTec stated that it will start supplying its on-screen fingerprint scanning solution to global smartphone makers this year. The solution allows users to authenticate directly on a smartphone screen using fingerprints.”Our on-screen fingerprint solution, dubbed Display Fingerprint Solution or DFS, is getting positive responses from our clients, especially those in China,” a CrucialTec official stated, reported Korean business magazine The Investor. The company added that it already started talks with smartphone makers, who have high hopes in the new technology.CrucialTec holds 50 patents related to the new biometric technology and officials said that “the company aims to commercialize an upgraded solution that enables fingerprint authentication on any part of the smartphone screen next year.”The new technology consists of transparent components, including a thin film transistor and a sensing electrode that can be embedded under the display. The sensor is so sensitive that it can detect a touch of a single hair and can extract a high-resolution fingerprint at 500 dots per inch.