South Korean biometrics firm Suprema has announced that its SFU-S20 fingerprint modules are integrated in the new BioWolf LE, a rugged tablet PC from BioRugged.SFU-S20 is a FBI PIV and FAP20 certified USB fingerprint scanner, while the BioWolf Le is biometric tablet PC developed for various application including voter registration, logistics, health care, industrial protection and banking.Upon its launching, BioWolf LE has already been selected for number of public and commercial projects including SIM card registration(telco) in African countries.”We are very excited about the newly launched BioWolf LE, a truely versatile and rugged tablet PC secured by best fingerprint technology available today. The BioWolf LE was built for various applications in mobile environment, and thanks to Suprema, adding high-precision fingerprint sensor and the convenience and security of biometrics is a core advantage of the product,” said Hof Retif, CEO at BioRugged.”BioRugged is our strategic partner and, at Suprema, we are proud of SFU-S20 USB fingerprint module being featured on this new BioWolf LE tablet PC. We look forward to working together on future innovations and will strive to deliver highest-standard biometrics for BioRugged's customers,” said Bogun Park, executive director at Suprema.