Sun Kissed Industries has announce that its soon-to-be subsidiary, Hakuna Supply/Products Group is releasing for sale its new “Fingerprint Lock Box” biometric sensing storage device for cannabis, hemp, and CBD products in time for the 2019 Holiday Shopping Season.Sun Kissed and Hakuna are nearing the signing of their Definitive Agreement, by which Sun Kissed will acquire 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of Hakuna, a private CBD products leader booking strong revenues with over 110 established retail distribution partners across more than 20 states in the domestic US market.”I'm truly excited that the Hakuna acquisition appears set to be finalized sooner than expected as Hakuna continues to roll out powerful new products,” stated Carl Grant, CEO of Sun Kissed. “As we get ready to close the acquisition, our attention will quickly turn toward marketing the many award-winning top-tier products Hakuna has crafted, with this beautiful new state-of-the-art biometric sensing Fingerprint Lock Box representing yet another success story as shoppers get set for the Holiday Season.”Management notes that the new Hakuna Fingerprint Lock Box sits at the intersection of major market trends, with the biometric sensing market already projected to grow from $3.5 billion in 2019 to $7.1 billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 15.3%, according to recent research from MarketsandMarkets, and overall sales within the legalized U.S. cannabis industry expected to reach $13.6 billion throughout 2019, for a 32% increase over 2018, according to New Frontier data.The Fingerprint Lock Box is a perfect holiday gift idea, with a sleek and stylish look, and a robust design built to keep products safe and secure behind a lock controlled through a fingerprint-triggered biometric sensing mechanism, with an included back-up metal key for extra assurance. The box can be charged by a USB-compatible, portable, removable wireless charger located at its base.”We are working closely with Hakuna to provide for a smooth transition as we get set to integrate Hakuna's operations and prepare to invest in growing the company into one of the biggest CBD players in the US domestic market,” continued Mr. Grant. “That shouldn't be a stretch given the company's massive existing distribution footprint and its award-winning product line. We look forward to updating current and prospective shareholders as events transpire.”