SmartMetric says that after decades of research and development, the company has successfully achieved amazing electronic miniaturization to have a fully functional, self-powered fingerprint reader inside a credit card.To fit a fingerprint scanner inside a credit card, SmartMetric has had to reduce the thickness of components including the circuit board to less than a third of the height of a credit card. This includes a sophisticated power management system that allows the card to scan a user's fingerprint while they are for instance standing in front of an ATM prior to the card being inserted into the machine. Included on the SmartMetric fingerprint scanner motherboard is an ARM Cortex processor that provides independent powerful computer processing along with additional security of the user's fingerprint biometrics.The scan and match of the card holder's fingerprint takes less than a quarter of a second so in the time that it takes to reach across and insert the card into a card reader, the card has read the card user's fingerprint, matched their fingerprint with their fingerprint that is pre-stored inside the card and then after a match turns on the card so it can be read by the card reader. All this takes place in what amounts to as a blink of an eye.In order to shrink the electronics of a fingerprint scanner that sits inside the credit card the SmartMetric engineers have had to push the edge of electronic component thickness along with making a paper-thin multi-layer printed circuit board for mounting the electronics on. This has also led the SmartMetric engineering team to make breakthroughs in electronic assembly processes in order to mass produce on a large scale. Current production capacity for the SmartMetric fingerprint scanner is 1 million electronic mother boards a month. Given the projected demand for a biometric secured credit and debit card amongst banks we are planning for a substantial increase in this capacity to at least 5 million cards a month.SmartMetric holds issued patents on its technology. Years of research and development have now culminated in a world class leading product in the biometric IOT space.”What SmartMetric has achieved in the electronics field has in fact turned the humble and ubiquitous credit card into a powerful electronic device,” said today SmartMetric's President and CEO, Chaya Hendrick.”SmartMetric is currently working on expanding the card's internal memory from Megabytes to Gigabytes allowing for exciting new multi-functional applications for the new intelligent credit card device that we have created,” said Chaya Hendrick.Embedding the card holder's fingerprint into their biometric credit card is as easy as storing your fingerprint on your mobile phone. When the card user receives their card from their Bank, they simply touch the square sensor on the card's surface four times and thereafter the user's fingerprint is permanently stored inside the card. From now on the card will only work in conjunction with the card holder touching the card's little square sensor on the top of the card.SmartMetric has incorporated the ADVANTIS payments chip and operating system into its Biometric Card. This allows ADVANTIS to now offer arguably the best and most advanced biometric credit and debit card solution to it's more than 500 Banking organizations around the world.According to industry data there are now more than 7 Billion chip-based credit and debit cards issued globally.