Luxury streetwear label GUN AINM is using the powerful technology solution engage from The Eltronis Group to enable instant authentication by consumers and protect against counterfeit garments. 

Newly established business GUN AINM joins a host of other brands worldwide who place their trust in engage to protect their products. The innovative technology provides a user-friendly, yet innovative tool, to link products to the internet through consumers’ smartphones. 

With every genuine GUN AINM purchase a ‘Card of Authenticity’ is supplied to the consumer. This contains a permanently adhered holographic label, customised with GUN AINM’s logo and a unique QR code and serial number which allows authentication of the garment by scanning with a smartphone camera. On activation, customers are not only able to verify their purchase but are also provided with a variety of relevant product and brand information as they are directed to a dedicated web page. 

Through creating a digital fingerprint, easily accessible from users back pockets, the Eltronis software, as the name itself suggests, ‘engages’ customers with the brand and vice versa. For consumers, engage ensures security and the reassurance that they have a genuine product within an optimal brand experience, and for suppliers’ visibility and insight are provided through the data capture process. 

Cameron Friell, co-owner to GUN AINM, said: “Our driving purpose at GUN AINM is to showcase talented, independent artists through the medium of streetwear and having the ability to reassure our customers and collaborators that each product is genuine is an integral part of our philosophy.