A new contactless and automatic device with facial recognition can become an organisation's first line of defence in restricting employees and visitors who are under the influence of alcohol or are not authorised.Soberlive FRX from Andatech comes with an online data management system that is ideal for live monitoring of a workplace or organisation's alcohol testing policy and provides solid record-keeping with photographic evidence of every alcohol breath test of employees, patients or visitors.Andatech's new Soberlive FRX can be connected to any access control system, including a gate control, providing the results in less than 10 seconds. The unit also can double as an employee time attendance system logging the employee's ID, blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and time of entry.The new device can even operate when people are wearing masks, although the mask does need to be slipped down when doing the breath test.”The Soberlive FRX saves valuable time, eliminates direct physical contact and reduces the need for additional staff for the screening,” said Jaka Exstrada, Andatech's workplace specialist.”The wall-mounted unit is highly accurate and designed to protect the health and safety of an organisation's employees. I expect it will become an integral part of not only offices and workplaces, but also construction sites, airlines and logistics companies where alcohol testing is conducted daily and employers are after a fast, efficient and cohesive system.” To prevent a sober buddy taking an alcohol test on someone's behalf, the Soberlive FRX utilises facial verification three times: once before the test, once during the test when it snaps a photo of the testee, and once more after the test. The new Andatech unit has a large internal memory with the ability to store 10,000 registered faces and 2,000 test results. This can be increased to 20,000 faces and 5,000 test records per device with cloud-based storage and connection through andalink software, which bridges the Soberlive FRX with a state-of-the-art traceability system.andalink and the cloud storage is secured via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and link encryption, so everything is safely stored and available for future reference.Administrators can access the platform anywhere at any time. Multiple devices from multiple locations can be synchronised, making it ideal for remote sites as employees can take their own test without the need for someone else to administer the test. The Soberlive FRX links every test result to the registered face/user.The Soberlive FRX can be set up using three methods of connection: Ethernet, WiFi and 4G for remote sites. Highly durable, the Soberlive FRX can be used in extreme temperatures ranging from -10 to 50 degrees Celsius.”Because results from tests are recorded instantly and synched with the andalink account, administrators can conduct live monitoring of a workplace's screening and alcohol testing policy. This provides solid record-keeping with photographic evidence of every test taken by employees and visitors,” Exstrada added.Only available from Andatech, the Soberlive FRX comes with a one-year warranty. The device has an FxCell3 fuel cell sensor for high accuracy, which can easily be replaced when required.