Biometrics solutions firm Safran Identity & Security has revealed that it has contributed to the development of a fingerprint sensor-enabled credit card that Mastercard plans to deploy widely to customers.This new generation payment card combines chip technology and biometrics to a strong and convenient means of authentication at the Point of Sale (POS). Instead of entering a PIN, cardholders simply place their finger onto the card. Their fingerprint is then matched against the biometric template on the card.In a statement, Safran said the card's ability to link an individual's biometric identity to a payment card opens up a wide range of new ways to use the card beyond authenticating payment transactions. Furthermore, the card helps issuers to reduce fraud and increase customer loyalty by ensuring that their card stays on top of their customer's wallets.”We are proud to leverage our unique biometric expertise and facilitate the future of payments together with Mastercard. Biometrics enables seamless payment transactions without compromising security,” commented Anne Bouverot, president and chair of Safran Identity & Security.Earlier this month, Norway's Idex revealed that its sensor features in the card.Mastercard said it would trial the new technology in South Africa but planned to begin tests in Europe and elsewhere in the world by the end of the year, potentially putting the scanner device into millions of cards. To authenticate a transaction, shoppers must simply insert their card into existing payment terminals and have the fingerprint stored on the card match their own.