Biometric election tech firm Smartmatic say a face recognition app could make voting more accessible for Brits, as the country prepares for a snap election.Speaking to the BBC, staff said that the biometric security means its more secure than standard online banking or shopping systems.The app uses facial biometric data combined with a government-issued ID card to create a digital identity.Users can then log in by taking a selfie and cast their vote remotely, from any location.However, the UK government told the BBC that while it's committed to “embracing technology”, that the paper ballot system is most secure.Mike Summers, programme manager at Smartmatic, told the BBC's Newsbeat the app could encourage more people to take part in elections.”There's huge potential, we're seeing a huge amount of interest in this,” he said.”There is an overwhelming reduction in participation in elections because people are more mobile now, so we see an opportunity to strengthen the process, to make it more accessible.”The UK is preparing to hold a general election on June 8, after a vote was called by Prime Minister Theresa May.