From 5 November 2020, SingPass users can use the new "Sign with SingPass" feature to electronically sign contracts, agreements and other legal documentation. This new feature will be progressively rolled out by the Government Technology Agency's wholly owned subsidiary, Assurity Trusted Solutions Pte Ltd (ATS), in collaboration with eight leading digital signing application providers, i.e. DocuSign, iText, Netrust, Adobe, OneSpan, Dedoco, and Kofax.The "Sign with SingPass" digital signing service follows the launch of the "SingPass Face Verification" service in July 2020. "SingPass Face Verification" enables SingPass users to authenticate themselves during online transactions with approved entities by comparing a person's presented facial image against facial biometrics maintained in the Government biometrics database. Both services are part of the National Digital Identity (NDI) Smart Nation strategic national project which aims to build a trusted digital identity ecosystem for citizens, public agencies and private sector companies."Sign with SingPass" allows SingPass users to use the SingPass Mobile app to digitally sign an electronic document. This digital signature is identifiable and uniquely linked to the signer. By using the "Sign with SingPass" feature, the signature is cryptographically linked to the signer and automatically validated at the point of signing. The signed document is platform agnostic, such that the validated signature can be viewed with the user's preferred system. Digital signatures made with "Sign with SingPass" use certificates issued by ATS, the National Certification Authority. Upon ATS' accreditation under Singapore's Electronic Transactions Act, signatures made using "Sign with SingPass" will be regarded as secure electronic signatures. Please refer to Annex A for a video link on how digital signing works.During the digital signing process, no document data will be transferred between the digital signing partner's platform/business partner and the NDI platform. Instead, only a cryptographically random, unintelligible, and irreversible code representing the signed document will be transferred during the transaction. Cybersecurity measures in line with industry best practices have been implemented with the "Sign with SingPass" service."Sign with SingPass" will be useful for organisations and their customers with the increasing prevalence of online transactions. Additionally, the current enforcement of Covid-19 safe management measures has made physical signing of documents challenging. In the coming weeks, GovTech will pilot the "Sign with SingPass" feature with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) for the digital signing of property caveats e-lodged with SLA. With "Sign with SingPass", it will take less than two minutes to apply a digital signature to a digitised document. Lawyers can also digitally sign anytime and anywhere via the STARS eLodgement System (ELS) without the need for a hardware token or a physical set-up of a laptop to lodge a caveat. This makes the process more convenient and efficient.The use of "Sign with SingPass" will support efforts to digitise Government services and help us achieve the Digital Government Blueprint's goal of providing 100% end-to-end digital options. As more agencies offer "Sign with SingPass", users can look forward to using digital signatures to complete transactions with the Government without the need to be physically present to sign documents.Organisations keen to use "Sign with SingPass" for their digital services can register their interest at To on-board the service, locally-registered organisations must agree to and fulfil the terms of service. There is no payment required for the onboarding."COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of digitalisation. As more services are digitalised, the need for a high security documentation signing service increases. "Sign with SingPass", a new value-added service under the National Digital Identity, addresses this need. Businesses can use "Sign with SingPass" to unlock services for their consumers who are SingPass users with greater confidence. Through "Sign with SingPass", businesses will save cost and manpower by removing the manual processes of verifying physical paperwork," said Mr Kok Ping Soon, Chief Executive, GovTech.Today's SingPass has evolved to provide seamless and convenient access to over 1,000 digital services offered by some 250 government agencies and private organisations. There are now over 2.1 million users of the SingPass Mobile app since its launch.