ARIADNEXT, a European company from France and specialized in remote identity verification and digital identity development, achieves the "Cybersecurity Made in Europe" label from the ECSO (European Cyber Security Organization) Association. This allows buyers to clearly and confidently identify cybersecurity companies from Europe and it helps to build a stronger and more competitive European cybersecurity market.The purpose of ECSO is to support all types of business initiatives and projects aimed to develop and promote European cyber-security. As a privileged partner of the European Commission, the association has decided to create the "Cybersecurity Made in Europe" label, which aims to promote qualified cybersecurity products, solutions and services that are based in Europe. It also makes it possible to facilitate the identification, for buyers, of European companies and thus the defence of sovereignty, that ARIADNEXT appreciates the most."This label strengthens our position as an active and eager European operator which helps to build a strong and competitive European cyber-market. For several years now, through our technology, documentary coverage and compliance, we have been advocating the importance of thinking not only at a national level, but also at a European level. The opening of ARIADNEXT branches in several European countries and the installation of our manual processing centre in Romania strengthen our positioning and action for Europe ", explains Marc Norlain, CEO and co-founder of ARIADNEXT.Obtaining this label is part of the pro-European dynamics of ARIADNEXT instilled by its leaders for several years. As one of Europe's pioneers in compliance, risk management and cyber-security, the company helps its customers fight against cyber fraud and crime by providing them with state-of-the-art, automatic and instant solutions.In addition to the basic compliance with the ENISA requirements, this label also emphasizes the technological knowledge of ARIADNEXT. Highlighting its identification solutions is a reminder of the quality and reliability of the used technology (European – compliant – strong documentary coverage) that allows European customers to comply with certain measures of the European Anti-Money Laundering Directive (KYC, AML).