Singapore has launched the Singpass app, which allows citizens to log into eGovernment services with biometric authentication.”The new SingPass Mobile app will offer a more convenient log-in option, as users no longer need to enter their passwords to log in,” said GovTech's chief executive, Mr Kok Ping Soon, in a statement on Monday, reported the Straits Times.The newspaper wrote that the current password system is open to security risks and abuse when people set easy-to-guess passwords or share them freely with friends. But when users set difficult passwords, they forget them and often ask for their passwords to be reset.GovTech said it receives 150,000 requests from SingPass users to reset their passwords every month. If the set-up is successful under the news system, users will be prompted to create a permanent six-digit PIN which they need to remember. The PIN will be required if fingerprint or facial scanning fails.As an added security function, the app locks itself down when it detects the presence of malicious software on the mobile device.Some 1,500 SingPass accounts were hacked in 2014, which uses citizens' national identity numbers to login.The GovTech agency last year called for a tender to build a mobile digital ID solution.