A biometric tie-up between Samsung and Microsoft now allows fingerprint sensors on certain Galaxy models to unlock Windows 10 PCs.An app called Samsung Flow, to be released in April, will reportedly allow cross authentication and ill also allow users to check any notifications and respond to them from PC.It uses the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth again (depends on whether the devices are on the same network) for allowing communications between the devices. All you have to do is just use the fingerprint sensor on you Samsung smartphone to unlock the Windows 10 tablet or PC.As of now, the Samsung Flow app is only compatible with Galaxy S6 smartphone and newer devices, featuring fingerprint scanners.”Users can share photos, videos and hefty documents cord and hassle free, and pause and continue browsing sessions on whichever device is more convenient. Additionally, when Wi-Fi is spotty, the app allows you to seamlessly connect your tablet to your phone's mobile hotspot, so you'll never be out of the loop,” the company said in its blog post.