Contactless fingerprint tech developer Advanced Optical Systems has reported that Herring Technology will partner on sales of the former's ANDI OTG 3.0 Zero-Contact Fingerprint Technology.Described as a touchless identity solution for enrollment verification and access control, ANDI OTG 3.0 is designed for high-security applications like border control, airport ticket verification, visitor management, ticketless event access, medical access, facility access, and checkpoint authorization.Herring Technology works diligently to offer clients in Middle Tennessee and throughout the country the best, most advanced commercial security and protection systems available. The new partnership with AOS enables Herring Technology to provide the rapidly growing Middle Tennessee region with fast, accurate, secure, and convenient fingerprint identification services.”For the first time, we have an access control device that can handle high traffic areas with great speed, with guaranteed identification, without the need for a card or fob,” said Tom Herring of Herring Technology. “We're thrilled to be able to offer this kind of technology to our clients.”Christopher Centamore, Director of Business Development for Advanced Optical Systems also expressed excitement about the partnership. “AOS has worked hard to identify the best security integrators around the world to install and maintain our flagship product. Herring Technology is the right partner to deliver the highest-speed, highest-reliability, biometric identity solution to the Middle Tennessee security market. We're proud to be their partner.”