A fake facial recognition app that claimed to allow people to search strangers' faces to access their social media profiles has caused a storm on the internet.Dubbed Facezam, the app claimed to make it possible to track anyone down on Facebook just by analysing a picture of their face.On the app's website a launch date on iOS of 21 March was cited, however, the person behind it, Jack Kenyon has admitted that the software doesn't exist.”So that beautiful girl you see on the train every day? Take a photo of her, Facezam it and you can find her on Facebook in a matter of seconds. The rest is up to you” writes the app's website.”Take a photo of anyone, Facezam it and you can find their Facebook profile in less than ten seconds,” Facezam says.Facebook has confirmed that it it was real, that the app violates its privacy policy.”This activity violates our terms and we're reaching out to the developer to ensure they bring their app into compliance,” the social network said.But it turns out the app was just a publicity stunt for a UK marketing agency.Some news agencies were left playing catch-up, with Breitbart running the headline:”'Facezam' App Lets Strangers Stalk Your Facebook Profile by Taking a Picture of You”