Evolis has been selected by the Social Security department of the Chinese province of Shandong for the personalisation and instant issuance of multifunctional plastic cards. The cards are co-branded by the Shandong social security authorities and six Chinese banks, and combine a debit card with a social security card.More than 400 Avansia printers from Evolis integrating retransfer printing technology have been equipped with a smart card encoder by a Chinese system integrator before deployment in the banks at the end of December 2016. The contract, worth US$1.2 million, includes consumables and spare parts. "We are proud that our company has been selected to be part of innovative high-tech projects in China, where multifunctional smart cards are becoming a real trend," says Emmanuel Picot, CEO of Evolis.Shandong is one of the most populous and affluent provinces in China with a population of around 97 million. Evolis says this project aims to further develop the applications of the classic social security card, up to now issued centrally by the social security bureau. The new financial security card can be issued in the six partner banks – ICBC, ABC, CCB, BC, PSBC and Rural Credit Cooperative – as a multi-application card offering life, medical, unemployment, work-related injury and maternity insurances as well as all common debit card functions such as cash withdrawal, transfer, bill payment, investment and wealth management.Evolis says the Avansia system allows users to print individual, offset-quality cards. It can be used for all types of encoding – magnetic, chip with and without contact – for any type of highly secure card.