Criminal justice technology solutions firm Securus Technologies has released a major upgrade to a voice biometrics analytical tool that search multiple samples of jail phone calls for suspects.The firm's Investigator Pro 4.0 will now have the ability to select a voice sample from either the inmate or called party side of an inmate's telephone call and then use that sample to search for all other calls where that voice occurs.”Investigator Pro helps investigators uncover gang-related, high-interest and other potentially nefarious activities by identifying called parties by voice,” said Michael Kester, Chief Operating Officer at JLG Technologies. “It also identifies other inmates that may have called that party. IPRO 4.0 brings a new level of biometric sophistication to help investigators stop crime before it happens.”The searchable voice feature makes it possible to follow the individual voice, not just the PIN/ID or telephone numbers. An investigator can now answer questions like these:· What other inmates are talking to this particular called party?· Was this called party ever an incarcerated inmate?· Are any of my current inmates talking to this released inmate?Searchable voice can be combined with other analysis features of Investigator Pro such as high-interest group tagging and voice identification confidence ratings, resulting in a sophisticated and powerful toolkit for identifying criminal networks operating over inmate telephone systems.