ImageWare Systems has announced the integration of the Biointellic Intelligent Anti-spoofing System into its existing Digital Identity Platform.The firm said this enhancement enables businesses to further increase the security of their systems without increasing friction. The business benefits include mitigating the risk of costly identity fraud and data breaches, without impacting user adoption and abandonment rates.Biointellic is a zero-friction, anti-spoofing system that is used on standard smartphones. The frictionless solution is incorporated into ImageWare's existing facial recognition capabilities with the anti-spoofing detection performed on the server, reducing the chance of data breaches and unauthorized user access caused by spoofing. Biointellic does not require special hardware, nor subjects the user to unnatural movements or flashing lights, making the enhancement a seamless upgrade for enterprises and end-users alike. Biointellic provides anti-spoofing analysis to prevent fraudsters from surreptitiously impersonating someone by using photos, videos, or 3D masks for the purpose of fraudulently accessing systems and accounts.Biointellic is being certified by iBeta, which is accredited by NIST to perform Presentation Attack Detection testing in accordance with the ISO/IEC 30107-3 standard, to become the only face authentication system that is frictionless and uses top-rated NIST face matching solutions.”With increased demand from IT security professionals, and businesses in general, for true identity authentication, biometric authentication systems must be strengthened with anti-spoofing capabilities,” said David Harding, CTO at ImageWare Systems. “Passwords can be easily compromised, 2FA can be phished, and facial biometrics can be spoofed. Only intelligent anti-spoofing, combined with identity proofing and biometric authentication, enable enterprises to ensure true user identity.”Biointellic's key capabilities include:Intelligent anti-spoofing technology, using neural networks and machine learning, to detect presentation attacks including the use of photos, videos, and 3D masks.Zero-friction user experience using a standard selfie without the need of extra movements, maximizing user experience.Device independent, working on nearly any smartphone and other devices enabling organizations and users to leverage their existing hardware.Flexible and future-proof in its ability to use any face matching vendor, specifically top-rated NIST face biometric vendors.Turnkey SaaS solution, enabling customers to use the system immediately without any software installation. If desired, the service can be installed on any public or private cloud system, or on-premise.Dynamically scalable to handle peak loads, using standard container technology.”Biometric authentication has the rare capability to simultaneously improve user experience and security,” said Ben Goodman, Senior Vice President, Global Business and Corporate Development at ForgeRock. “By implementing anti-spoofing technology on the server-side, ImageWare provides protection against a variety of sophisticated attacks while ensuring the best possible user experience is preserved.””Facial recognition solutions are being rapidly adopted, and with that progress, the sophistication of security threats increases,” said Vic Herring, Vice President, Head of Global Software Center, Fujitsu Technology and Business America. “Enterprises are now more than ever taking their security seriously, and with Biointellic Intelligent Anti-spoofing System, Fujitsu customers can experience even more peace of mind knowing presentation attacks will be caught.”