Nuance Communications has announced the name for its upcoming Automotive spin-off: Cerence Inc. This new brand and identity will become official when the business separates from Nuance on October 1, 2019. At that time, Cerence Inc. will become an independent, publicly traded automotive software company.Cerence is an invented name and word, coined from powerful visual and linguistic associations with intelligence, experience, serenity and control. The word has smooth, visually consistent letterforms and natural pronunciation across languages: “Cer” which rhymes with air and “ence” like sense. Visually, the new logo is inspired in part by the right and left sides of the human brain – a blend of art and science as well as experience and innovation – and the typography invokes fluidity and forward motion.”We are excited to unveil Cerence, an elegant, modern name and fresh start for a company and brand that will grow to represent the many ways we bring solutions to market,” said Richard Mack, senior vice president of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Nuance and future Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Cerence. “We believe Cerence exudes the right balance of strength, elegance, confidence and control, and we look forward to bringing to this brand to life.”