Spanish mobile phone firm Telefonica has integrated new biometrics-backed security solutions developed by SmartAccess that aim at protecting digital identity and business processes using fingerprint technology and electronic signatures.Telefonica which launched the cybersecurity subsidiary, ElevenPaths, in December 2013, will integrate its secure digital ecosystem service with SmartAccess' SmartID and SealSign tools, as was announced on a company blog.SmartID allows for more secure user authentication when accessing applications and physical equipment by combining different elements such as smart cards, RFID/NFC devices and biometric fingerprint recognition.SealSign, meanwhile, is an electronic document-signing platform for companies that is compatible with digital certificates and biometric systems.SmartID can also be integrated with Latch, an ElevenPaths service that reduces the exposure time of personal data, and therefore risk to cyber attacks while minimizing the risk of fraud if someone tries to use user credentials.Telefonica will launch the integration at the Mobile World Congress to be held in Barcelona from 2-5 March, with visitors to the firm's booth challenged to forge the signature of a well-known personality to showcase the accuracy of SealSign's e-signature technology.