Adaptive access control specialist SecureAuth has unveiled major updates to SecureAuth IdP, the company's flagship product providing authentication security, that focus on behavioural biometrics.SecureAuth IdP v9.0 will perform keystroke analysis and mouse movement analysis to determine a user's legitimacy without the user noticing, and builds a unique behaviour-based profile on each user device.These profiles are compared to subsequent login attempts and if they don't match — SecureAuth IdP v9.0 will require multi-factor authentication (MFA) for that login to proceed.”Whereas most SSO vendors have limited authentication options, SecureAuth has more than 20 [methods] that can suit a variety of use cases,” said Garret Bekker, Senior Security Analyst at 451 Research. “The addition of behavioral biometrics and threat-intelligence feeds provides differentiation versus other vendors of adaptive/risk-based/step-up authentication.””Think of SecureAuth IdP as a bullet proof vest,” said Craig Lund, SecureAuth CEO. “It has multiple layers of protection, which creates a strong bulwark against cyber attacks. It's harder to break through multiple layers of authentication compared to just one. In this case, one of those layers is created by behavioural biometric technology, which is unique in that it is influenced by social and psychological attributes. This is very secure, since it's nearly impossible to copy or imitate somebody else's behaviour when using a device.”