Morpho (Safran) has integrated its GSMA Mobile Connect-based solution with Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance-certified biometric authentication. The company says this will achieve greater convenience and control of secure credentials for the end customer and ensure the required level of assurance for the mobile network operator and its service provider partners.Morpho has supported the GSMA Mobile Connect initiative since its inception. According to the company, Mobile Connect solves the issue of having to remember an ever-increasing number of usernames and passwords by providing a single trusted, secure and convenient SIM-based authentication solution. Its GSMA Mobile Connect solution has been commercially available since March 2015.The company says: "This classic implementation of Mobile Connect, using PIN entry on the mobile phone – that is, 'something I have and something I know' – is now being further enhanced by using Morpho's new integration of facial recognition capability into Mobile Connect – : biometric verification – , and adding 'something I am'. Supporting FIDO as part of the Mobile Connect service as specified by the GSMA enables a framework which is able to support different kinds of biometrical authenticators in a very flexible way.""The smart integration of FIDO-certified selfie checks and a Mobile Connect identity seemed to us to be a logical step, as both FIDO and Mobile Connect address the same challenge: easier, safer online authentication," says Anne Bouverot, chair and CEO of Morpho.