Company spotlights have been created to give firms operating in the secure documents and identity industry an opportunity to discuss trends, product innovations and achievements.These interviews also offer readers insight into a company's outlook, history and future directions.Security Document World talks to Ixla.What are the key trends in personalization that the industry is talking about?In our vision they are:• Security• Instant issuing• Excellent price performance ratioIXLA's decades-long activity in the field of laser systems for the personalization of qualified identification document, sees it strongly oriented to the development of innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions, as well as to meet the growing needs of documents to be issued more and more decentralized by systems designed to be the best value for money of Government budgetsWhat challenges do you anticipate in the coming years?The technological evolution we are observing, leads us to imagine a growing demand for laser equipment as an alternative to old document printing technology, equipped with integrated modules to allow better dissemination of customization technology in extended solutions to application platforms, including other components like biometrics and document verification systems. Therefore there will be more and more the need for synergistic collaborations with highly qualified and specialized players in order to fulfill the increasingly complex requests.Do you have an opinion on the emergence of biometric cards?The identity cards will have to meet security and "genuinity" requirements because the verification of the identification data will take place locally through an instant matching without remote connections; in this case the personalization by laser technology allows to guarantee greater security of the marked data.What identity issues are most important for your side of the industry?Laser technology allows to provide greater security and durability of data on cards, as well as a significant reduction in consumables costs, eliminates the risk of having to destroy data on wasted consumables. This feature of laser customization technology complies with the new privacy security regulations that governments will increasingly need to protect in the futureIs growth healthy for ID cards in your opinion?Although mobile ID seeks diffusion market share through applications by smartphones, the trend of new global ID card projects is definitely growing, in particular personalized by laser technology; we expect this trend to remain positive at least for the next 5 years.