According to a report in South Korean media, Samsung is developing parts for the upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone but has no plans to include an iris scanning module like in previous Galaxy devices.The South Korean tech giant is considering adding an in-display fingerprint reader as an alternate authentication method, and in addition to that, is looking at a 3D facial scanning technology similar to Apple's Face ID, reports The Bell.The report claims that the Samsung Galaxy S10 was given the codename Beyond in early may this year, and has been developing samples in earnest. The display sizes have apparently been confirmed thanks to partners, the report adds, with the Samsung Galaxy S10's display said to measure in at 5.8 inches, and the display of the Galaxy S10+ said to measure in at 6.3-inches.The iris authentication module was in the news two months ago, but there has reportedly been no further development around the same, and partners have not received orders for samples. The report adds that the removal of the iris scanning feature would also help the company save on the cost of the smartphone, as well as reduce weight.Samsung will reportedly include iris authentication on the Galaxy Note 9, as it has reportedly not included the in-display fingerprint scanning technology as unfeasible.