Biometrics and identity solutions firm Applied Recognition has announced the award of a patent for detecting and using faces in images.The firm says the new tech relates to application such as personalised advertising, personalized computer game faces, missing-person searches, and immersive animations and movies.”In 2002, the DreamWorks blockbuster Minority Report wowed audiences worldwide with a vision of a future where advertisements would recognize and self-customize for individuals. Today, similar services and more are finally possible based on the science behind our patent”, said Ray Ganong, co-CEO and CTO of Applied Recognition, Inc.The company adds: “This new face detection and recognition technology makes it easy for companies to present truly personalized marketing messages. ߪ Imagine visiting an eyewear website and being able to swap your face behind different styles of glasses.”Don Waugh, Co-CEO, Applied Recognition, said: “The market opportunity here is enormous. Applied Recognition's technology now makes it easy for companies to create the next generation of truly personalized products and services. We are delighted that The United States Patent Office has recognized the novelty and precedence of our innovative and broadly-applicable research and development efforts in this area”.