Russian Railways self-service terminals use advanced Smart Engines technologies to sell tickets for long-distance trains. The integration of the Smart ID Engine software product for passport scanning into terminals simplifies the routine procedure of manually entering passenger personal data and speeds up the ticket sales process. The project of creating a network of terminals currently has more than 300 units operating on the railways of Russia and Kazakhstan. The project integrator is JSC Transinfoset.

An AI-based software for data capture of a passenger’s passport was integrated into a new generation of self-service transaction terminals (SSTT). The first samples of terminals were installed at the Leningradsky railway station in Moscow, Russia. Russian Railways plans to expand its SSTT fleet, primarily by equipping the most visited railway stations in Russia with intelligent terminals. Smart Engines is developing energy-efficient algorithms for scanning identity documents integrated into the SSTT. The high-speed Smart ID Engine detects the passenger’s passport and automatically enters the data into the required form fields to issue a ticket. Thus, the passenger no longer needs to enter the passport details on his own, making the ticket buying process six times faster by reducing the time spent on the manual data entry.

With secure and fast scanning of international passports of more than 210 countries and Russia, citizens of the Russian Federation and travelers from other countries can quickly purchase a ticket. Smart ID Engine ensures the security of document processing, simplifying entering passport data and reducing the likelihood of errors during manual filling. Flagship Smart Engines technologies are GDPR and CCPA compliant. Passenger data is extracted and analyzed in local RAM, and passenger data is not saved or transferred to third-party services.

“The accelerated deployment of contactless services and equipment for process optimization over the past years indicates its significance. Manual entry of passport data when issuing a ticket is a routine procedure. That’s why the process of purchasing tickets should be as convenient as possible for Russian Railways passengers. According to our estimates, implementing the Smart ID Engine software product will increase the usability and economic return of self-service terminals”, comments Alexander Galaktionov, General Director of JSC Transinfoset.

“Smart Engines is pleased to become a part of the innovative projects of Transinfoset and aims to further cooperation. The creation of new generation self-service terminals with scanning Russian and foreign passports data will mark a new stage in the ticket sales at railway stations after the automation of ticket offices using smart scanners”, says Vladimir Arlazarov, CEO of Smart Engines, Ph.D.