Regula has recently released a new version of Document Reader SDK for mobile platforms. The newly updated version 2.2 has brought significant improvements to the speed and accuracy of the OCR process for Latin, Cyrillic (including three main variations of the Cyrillic alphabet used in the Balkans: Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian), Hebrew and Vietnamese. The new key feature is a possibility to switch to the front-facing camera of the smartphone.Regula Document Reader SDK for mobile platforms (Android and iOS) comprises 7100+ document templates which help to validate different types of identity documents (e.g. passports, ID cards, visas, etc.) The software combines a unique set of features: reading all standard and non-standard MRZ formats, RFID chips, 1D and 2D barcodes. Rapid, reliable and secure Regula Document Reader SDK for mobile platforms provides automatic data processing, as well as delivers a fully offline operation. This innovative document verification solution is already used by law-enforcement agencies, flight booking and online check-in systems, fintech, banking and various organizations dealing with identity documents (including IATA). As Regula is extremely cautious of your security and privacy, all your personal data which are being processed remain on your device.In addition, Regula has recently launched Mobile Document Authenticator Regula 1120 – a brand-new authentication device, which can be easily connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth LE. Using the power of UV365 LEDs for visualizing UV luminescence, this unique solution helps to reach another level of document authentication right on your smartphone.