Britain's National Health Service has ordered Tactivo biometric card readers from Sweden's Precise Biometrics, with the aim of securing mobile access to healthcare systems as part of an integrated solution.According to a statement from Precise Biometrics, the order from the NHS's Foundation Trust will impact second quarter revenues by 380,000SEK.The Trust has chosen Tactivo smart card readers to enable swift and secure access to relevant patient data, reporting and information exchange on iPad and iPhone devices. The solution allows care providers to spend more time with patients while ensuring instant access to patient information. This increases care quality and reduces time spent on administration.”This order shows that the market for secure mobile authentication solutions within UK healthcare is maturing. This particular Trust is known for their progressive approach to adopting new IT-solutions and we know that other Trusts will be keeping a close eye on the development of this mobility project”, says Håkan Persson, CEO of Precise Biometrics.The healthcare system is accessed through two-factor login using a smart card, Tactivo, iPad/iPhone and Isosec's mobile authentication software (MIA).On 21 April, Precise Biometrics has revealed that Sweden's national healthcare system will use Tactivo to authenticate a prescription tool.