Founded in 2017, Flinks is a financial data connectivity provider that enables clients to deliver an open-banking approach, allowing their consumer account data to sync with fintech apps.

The solution is integrated with two applications by Ping identity – PingFederate and PingDirectory – that streamlines the banking experience for the consumer while protecting data compliance and privacy. The challenge with optimising the banking market is that regulation and data compliance rules overwhelmingly protect the consumer’s sensitive financial information to prevent fraud.

Ping Identity’s solutions ensured the most important promise to the consumer around data security and consent was kept in order to drive innovation with open-banking.

Across the U.S. and Canada, millions of customers have been able to link their bank accounts securely to a growing number of financial apps that facilitate easier banking and money management, while financial businesses can capitalise on customers sharing their account data in a few clicks.

Adam Gibson, General Manager, Open Banking Products, at Flinks said: “To be a leader in open banking, it’s critical for us that customers connecting their accounts have confidence in the process and absolute clarity over what data they are sharing, to whom, and when”

“We needed a solid partner to offload the complexities of federating user identities and properly securing data.”

The partnership has allowed Flinks to launch its new consumer experience solution in 6 months.  Flinks managers the user authentication in the front end of the platform, while Ping Identity’s solutions work integrated in the back end.

“Despite all the obstacles that come with trying to manage so many digital identities, Flinks was able to get up and running in record time with its new solution,” said Andre Durand, CEO and founder of Ping Identity. “Flinks is now disrupting the banking landscape in Canada and America by bringing financial innovations to businesses that can quickly realize a return on investment.”