Photo booth firm Photo-me, backed by research and development activity undertaken at KIS in France, has developed a 3D enrolment solution in a photo-kiosk that could give the platform access to new markets outside its traditional remit.The company says that its 3D facial recognition gives up to 50% improvement in accuracy, while positioning the photo-kiosk as an enrolment solution for more security conscious industries than previously.”It has a very high 3D resolution”, said a company representative. “up to 40000 points and 20000 facets”. It also has very precise texture information and is able to use patented, controlled conditions (contrast, lighting, distance, colors), identical for all people, says the company.The 3D capture means that identities can be validated at a faster pace, because different angles can be used for identification. This makes it an appropriate solution for areas such as casinos, and airports.For the enrolment procedure, a Passport or ID card is scanned first. Then a 3D facial image is captured.The user's identity is then confirmed by matching the 3D image to the passport or ID picture, and QR-coded receipt is printed (or an ID badge). The procedure is recorded by a security camera integrated in the booth and sent to a secure cloud.The firm, which already has more than 22,000 photo booths across the world, says the solution was developed by experts in 3D technology, face recognition, security standards, software and industrial design.