Aadhaar-card based fingerprint recognition identification technology will be used on an experimental basis in local government polls in India.The biometric pilot will take place in Harda, Amarkantak and Dhar, all in Madhya Pradesh state.Madhya Pradesh State Election Commission deputy secretary Girish Sharma told the Hindustan Times that the MP Electronics Development Corporation has provided them with fingerprint recognition machines, called POS machines, which will be linked online through tablets at the polling booths.”The tablet will have the Aadhaar-based data. When the voter presses the button, it will recognise his or her fingerprint and identify the voter,” he said. “Following the successful outcome of the experimental usage of this technology, it will be used for future civic elections in the state.”Sharma said they are calling the process Aadhaar-based seeding and identification and it will help both voters and the government. “First, the voter will not have to carry his identification card if he has an Aadhaar card. Second, it will end the possibility of fake voting,” he said.However, Sharma stressed that the seeding and identification is just experimental, and in case the POS machines fail to identify a voter, he or she can show any of the 16 documents listed by the election commission as identity proof.